Mayra Flores Loses her Democrat Opponent at the Mat Over ‘Apology” for Racist Attacks

RedState reports that Vincente Gonzalez, a Democrat, was found paying a blogger for racist comments attacking Mayra Flores (a recent special election winner in Texas-6). That district had previously been held by Democrats for over 100 years, marking a ground-shaking shift among the area’s electorate.

Flores unexpected success made everyone mad and Gonzalez’s desperate effort to demolish her under the table soon backfired. On Wednesday, he issued an hurried apology in front the Capitol Building. He admitted to his actions while trying desperately to take responsibility.

Later that day, Gonzalez made a decision to increase his efforts. While ranting about Donald Trump, he made a funny statement of “apologies”. It’s not a joke. He thinks that shouting Trump over and over will win him his election.

— Vicente Gonzalez (@VoteVicente) July 20, 2022

It’s important to note that he lies. Gonzalez admitted that the website does not have any ads and the previous admission of Gonzalez made clear that Gonzalez had full editorial control over the content the blogger put out. This included the racist comments. Flores can capitalize on his strategic blunder by reversing and lying about the matter.

Flores, for her part responded to Gonzalez by dropping Gonzalez to the floor.

This doesn’t seem like an apology.

Also the racist pervert hired to attack me with filthy has ZERO advertising space on his blog, so this is a fabrication.

If you were a man of substance, you’d apologize personally and then resign. Pero eres poco hombre. #CreepyChente

— Mayra Flores (@MayraFlores2022) July 20, 2022

For those who do not speak Spanish, or are unable to use Google Translate properly, Flores refers to Gonzalez as a “little guy” and points out that Gonzalez is too cowardly to offer an apology. She’s correct. Gonzalez’s disgraceful attacks on proxy that he now attempts to dishonestly deny have exposed his true nature. You can bet South Texas voters will pay attention.

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Flores calling for her opponent (also an incumbent House member) to resign was a nice thing to also see. Republicans must stop playing such submissive games with Democrats. Gonzalez looks weaker and more demented when he talks about Donald Trump. Gonzalez knows he has nothing to lose and has no other options. Flores responds to this flailing by continuing to land blows.

Gonzalez would do a smart thing at this stage and reverse his message. However, he’s not intelligent enough to make that move. I hope Flores surprises the world by rolling him back in November.

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