Biden’s “Cancer” Comment is being cleaned up by WH. He ignores facts and his prior remarks

As we previously reported, Joe Biden used the present tense to make an unusual comment, saying that he “had” cancer. This raised eyebrows for many people.

He was talking about Delaware, where he used live. His mother had gotten oil slicks from the windshield of her house and this led to him getting cancer.

The White House has now cleaned up his comment and removed any suggestions that he may be in a current situation.

This is the reference that President Obama was making.

— Andrew Bates (@AndrewJBates46) July 20, 2022

White House Andrew Bates, Deputy Press Secretary, claimed that Biden was referring to previously treated skin cancer.

The problem with this claim is that his doctor stated last year that it was because he had been exposed to the sun as a child. Even if this crazy tale were true, it doesn’t result from oil slicks in the windshield. It doesn’t clean up the oil.

You mean that Biden claimed he is suffering from cancer caused by oil slicks?

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 20, 2022

But there is another problem to this story. Biden told this same story before, in April on Earth Day. He claimed, however, that the oil spills and pollution had caused his asthma and others he didn’t know to get cancer.

Listen to compare:

We have heard the story before …

BIDEN IN APRIL: “I have asthma and 80% of the people who, in fact, we grew up with have asthma. “

BIDEN TODAY : “That’s how I, and so damn many others I grew up around have cancer.”

— (@townhallcom) July 20, 2022

When the man says, “not a joke,” it means that he is telling a “tell.” .”

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So what is the truth?

What we know for sure is that Joe Biden has a history of creating stories during his public career. It’s easy to see that Biden has a long history of fabricating stories. This would appear to be the most probable. It’s easy to imagine that he might have health issues. We are not getting an answer to his cognitive and incoherence issues.

This problem is caused by Joe Biden’s constant lies — it makes you skeptical of anything they or their people have to say. You don’t trust him and his team.

It’s an incredible relief to know that the current president of the United States does not have any cancer. It is still a mystery why he claimed he has cancer.

— (@jtLOL) July 20, 2022

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