U.N. condemns the killings and rights violations under Afghanistan’s Taliban

ISLAMABAD, (AP) — Many people were killed in Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country almost a year ago. However, security has been improving overall since then, according to a Wednesday report by the United Nations.

In its report, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan highlighted the dire situation for women and girls in Afghanistan since the Taliban tookover. They were also reminded of how their rights have been violated by the current Afghan rulers.

” It is impossible for Afghans to rebuild their lives and live peacefully after years of conflict. “Our monitoring has shown that, despite improved security since 15 Aug, people in Afghanistan, especially women and girls are still deprived of full enjoyment of human rights,” Markus Potzel, special representative for Afghanistan.

The report stated that 700 persons were killed and 1 ,400 injured since mid-August 2021,, when the Taliban took over Kabul’s capital. This was as NATO and the United States had just begun their withdrawal.

The majority of these casualties can be attributed to the attacks of the Islamic State affiliate in Pakistan, which is a bitter rival to the Taliban. They have targeted communities of ethnic and religious minorities in areas where they worship, go to school and live their day.

Afghanistan is a constant target of bombings and attacks, including those on the Shiite Muslim minority. The Islamic State’s local affiliate claimed most of these attacks.

The U.N. stated that an amnesty offered to former officials of the Taliban government was not consistently followed. Fiona Frazer is the U.N. representative for human rights in Afghanistan. She stated that the U.N. had recorded 160 extrajudicial deaths and 178 detentions of ex-military and government officials.

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The report stated that human rights violations should be investigated and perpetrators held responsible. It also recommended that incidents not to be repeated in the future.

The Taliban took control of the country last year and immediately began to enforce a tougher policy. This is reminiscent of the Taliban’s previous regime, when they used similar extreme measures to rule the country.

They issued edicts that required women to cover up their faces in public except their eyes, as well as banning girls from going to school after sixth grade.

The U.N. reported that women’s rights have been a major concern of de facto government. Women and girls in general have had their right to participate fully in education and the work place since August. In many cases, they were even denied access.

The U.N. has decided not to let girls return to secondary school, which means that many girls won’t complete their 12 basic education. said.

” Women and girls must be educated and included in the public life of any society. Afghanistan is denied the benefits of their significant contributions if they are relegated to home by women and girls. Potzel from the U.N. stated that education for all is more than a human right. It is essential to the development and progress of any nation.” envoy.

During Taliban rule, women were subject to severe restrictions. They banned them from participating in public life, and required them to wear the full-length burqa.

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