U.K. Weather Turbulence disrupts Train Travel for Third Day

LONDON (AP), — Britain’s heatwave record disrupted travel Wednesday. Firefighters remained alert on Wednesday, despite the relief offered by cloudy skies and rains after two days of blistering temperatures.

Forecasters believe London will hit a record 26 Celsius (79 Fahrenheit (on Wednesday) – down from Tuesday’s record 40.3C (104.4F, set at Coningsby in east England.

The main line between London and Edinburgh will be closed from noon to allow crews to fix power lines, signaling equipment, and other damage caused by heat on Tuesday. According to the London North Eastern Railway,

The London Fire Brigade had its busiest day since World War II on Tuesday as firefighters received more than 2,600 calls and at one point were fighting 12 fires simultaneously, Mayor Sadiq Khan said. He stated that at least 41 property in the city was destroyed. Sixteen firefighters received treatment for smoke inhalation injuries and other injuries.

Even though temperatures started to drop overnight, the smell of smoke permeated the entire city with almost 9,000,000 people.

In Wennington, an area of London on the eastern outskirts of London, one of the largest fires occurred. A blaze also raced through nearby tinder-dry farms.

Resident Tim Stock stated that he fled with his wife after the fire broke out in the neighboring house. The flames quickly spread.

” I didn’t pick up (my) driver’s license, birth certificates or anything else, so everything was gone,” he said to the i newspaper. All photographs, records and other documents are gone. But the good news is that we all seem to be OK .”

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Dozens were able to see temperatures approaching 40 F) Tuesday. This beats the previous U.K. record of 38.7C (101.7F), which was set in 2019.. This weather storm ravaged a nation that was not prepared for the heat. There are very few schools and homes without air conditioners.

Despite the lower temperatures Wednesday, there is still a fire risk because of the dry heat and the drought that has affected the grasslands around the city. Khan stated.

” Once it is lit, it spreads quickly. Khan explained to the BBC that this happens in California and other parts of France …,” Khan. I’ve spoken with the fire commissioner. “He’s concerned about ground drying and fire spreading .”


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