Mayorkas Just Called The Border “Secure”

Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the southern border was “secure” during Tuesday’s Aspen Security Forum Fox News report. They are not.

” According to the outlet, the secretary stated that the border was secure. We are working hard to secure the border. This has been an historic task .”

Americans need to be concerned about how Mayorkas describes border security. Or his poor public relations skills that make it seem like this crisis is only a “challenge .”


He did make a comment about the need to distinguish between “safety” and “secure” but words don’t change the fact there is an emergency at the border, and that it is not under control.

Migrants began arriving in large numbers shortly after Joe Biden was elected. They believed they would get better treatment under Trump’s administration. They are not wrong, since Biden suspended construction on the border wall as well as “Remain in Mexico”.

The fact is that migrant encounters in Fiscal Year 2022 have already surpassed the numbers from Fiscal Year 2021, with over 1. 74 million, and there are still three months left of data to go. Many of these people are being duped by smugglers to come to the United States and are being put through dangerous situations on their journey, like when 53 migrants died in a tractor-trailer in Texas in June, as RedState’s Bob Hoge reported.

With so many people coming from Central America, and all around the world to visit it, it wouldn’t be considered secure. This issue is not limited to migration. Drug traffickers can also be malicious.

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Fentanyl, the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45, is frequently smuggled across the border.

A February government report of the Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking found that Mexico has been the major source for the potent drug. According to the University of Colorado ., the border fuels an overdose crisis in America. People will accidentally consume fentanyl-laced drugs.

These issues are just the beginning. Border communities will likely see all the consequences.

For those in doubt, it is worth listening to the statements of his Border Patrol agents about the situation.

” We’ve always said it would get worse. It’s gotten worse. There is no functional border. It’s nothing but a speed bump for criminality with a reward system for breaking our laws, courtesy of the Biden Admin,” the National Border Patrol Council tweeted July 16.

We’ve always said it would get worse. It’s gotten worse. There is no functional border. The Biden Administration has made it a speed bump for criminality and a system to reward those who break our laws.

— Border Patrol Union – NBPC (@BPUnion) July 16, 2022

Again, no one should call the border safe, even the DHS leader. Mayorkas admits that the border is difficult, but this may be due to poor policies at the border and indecisive leadership from Executive Branch.

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