‘Dr.’ Jill hits a new low as the Biden White House is close to hitting rock bottom

We are four months away from November’s midterm elections. With generic Congressional polling still favoring Republicans and Joe Biden’s low approval ratings languishing at the basement level, frantic Democrats, including members of Biden’s inner circle, have increasingly rely on First Lady Jill Biden for help. A party clearly in trouble.

But, as the “breakfast taco” scandal demonstrated, Dr. Jill Biden is just as out-of-touch and clueless as her husband when she makes public appearances. This leaves the Biden White House without many options heading into fall campaign season.

A new poll was released Monday that puts more on the damper on Democrat hopes Jill Biden will save her husband’s presidency – and their fall electoral prospects – at this stage of the game:

First Lady Jill Biden has seen her approval ratings drop 24 points in the past year and a half, according to a CNN/SSRS poll released this week.

When asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Mrs. Biden, 34% had a favorable opinion of her while 29% had an unfavorable one. Another 37% said they were unsure.

When asked that question by the same poll team in January 2021, 58% said they had a favorable opinion of Mrs. Biden.

In other words, Jill Biden has hit a new low in CNN polling, which has been tracking her numbers since the summer of 2020 through this month. In a late August 2020 poll, Jill Biden had a 46% favorable opinion among voters. It hit a high point just before Joe Biden took office, at 58% in January 2021.

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Throughout Joe Biden’s presidency Jill Biden was increasingly required to take over as president. President Biden’s tendency for making mistakes and looking foolish during speeches has only worsened. Most notably, Mrs. Biden sometimes had to correct her husband’s incorrectly refer to Vice President Kamala Harris. Jill Biden played a role as “director”, guiding her husband when he was being taken off stage, or if he must remain seated.

Jill Biden also saved Joe at times from uncomfortably asked questions by the media.

At a private DNC donor meeting earlier in the month, Mrs. Biden complained about Joe Biden not being able to perform his duties, a problem that almost every president throughout American history has faced at one time or another. Further, she moaned that her role as First lady was not the one she had imagined.

Biden stated that she felt similarly hamstrung as the first lady and was unexpectedly taken in a different direction than she had intended.

” I thought to myself that it was okay to be second lady. I was a teacher at community colleges. I was involved in military families. These were my main areas. But then when we got [in the White House,] I had to be, with all that was happening, the first lady of the moment.”

In other words, her real life encroached on her like it does to most Americans and Jill Biden couldn’t handle.

God bless her.

Maybe in two years, if the bad polling streak she and her husband are both on continues, neither one of them will have to fret over it anymore and she can go back to controlling managing Joe from the privacy of their Delaware home instead.

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One can only hope.

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