Ann Dorn: Riot that Killed my Husband ‘Funded and Organized by Black Lives Matter and All These Woke Corporations’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Ann Dorn, whose husband, retired police officer David Dorn was killed during a riot in 2020, stated that the riot that resulted in her husband’s death “was funded and organized by Black Lives Matter and all these woke corporations” and was also funded by “the woke community” and the “celebrities and athletes” that are “blindly funding this misguided agenda.”

Dorn said, “It’s the woke community that is funding them, not only just these corporations, but celebrities and athletes across the country are funding them, just blindly funding this misguided agenda.”

She added, “Black Lives Matter called for the death of police and nobody’s done anything about it. Defund, demean, and kill police officers across the country, and we’re the enemy now, when it’s not — when we’re not. It’s — there [are] other factors involved, but we seem — police seem to be the easy target, and nobody’s standing up for their rights.”

Dorn concluded, “And now having to sit through a trial of a man who’s accused of killing my husband when the riot was funded and organized by Black Lives Matter and all these woke corporations.”

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