The European heat wave causes British wildfires and melts roads

Record heat scorches Britain with wildfires raging around London and roads melting in other parts of the country.

Heathrow Airport’s heat reached 104.4 degrees F on Tuesday afternoon, breaking a national record. A grass fire started in East London and destroyed at least five houses. In nearby London suburbs, other fires broke out.

” I saw some smoke and then saw the fire just start to go up. Walter Martin who runs a pub close to the spot where the grass fire was started told the Daily Mail.

The asphalt of the A 14 Road was melted by the scorching summer sun north of London, in Cambridgeshire. Transit chaos was further exacerbated by the fact that commuter trains stopped operating on several lines north London.

The heat wave in the U.K. is likely to start on Wednesday. This will bring thunderstorms to the area as the Saharan winds and cooler air fronts that created the heat are met.

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