Many GOP Senators Go to the Southern Border: “Drug Cartels are Taking Full Advantage”

Many GOP Senators visited southern border because there has been a history of migration across the border.

Led By Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn (R–TX), Senators Joni Ernest (R–IA), James Lankford and John Barrasso respectively (R–WY), Ron Johnson and John Hoeven (R–ND) joined them for a visit to the southern border.

Cruz claimed they were on a night patrol with Border Patrol and that they encountered a group illegal immigrants within minutes. Cruz said:

“Encountered a group of illegal aliens. He said that the first group consisted of teenagers from Guatamala, Mexico. The second group included mostly children and women, as well as two unaccompanied minors aged 7 and 7. These girls weren’t siblings and were not brought in by their relatives. “They’d just gone through a horrific journey with human traffickers.”

Cruz stated that they also met with farmers and ranchers.

” We met ranchers and farmers, who were furious at the fact that their property isn’t safe. It is the result of political decisions made by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris… There has never been a president who’s done more to derelicate his duty at our border in American history than Joe Biden. He utterly refuses to do his job to enforce the border.”

Cruz was not shy in blaming the Biden administration when it came to the safety of their property.

Cruz asked why Democrats hadn’t made it to the south border.

“Where is the Democrats? You can’t see the bodies of the victims and children, the mess, and you cannot defend it .”


Senator Joni Ernst said:

” Our Border Patrol officers deserve praise for providing exceptional service in extraordinary circumstances. No one can visit our Southern border, hear directly from our border officials, and see this historic crisis firsthand and possibly claim that our border is closed.”

Ernst continued to criticize the Biden administration for their failure to secure the southern border.

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Under President Biden’s administration, the border is now open and drug cartels have taken full advantage. As a mom, I’m appalled by the stories of young girls who have suffered abuse while being trafficked by cartels, and the havoc and heartache created across our communities – in Iowa and throughout the country – because of the amount of lethal drugs flowing across our Southern border.”

TX Senator @JohnCornyn is in the RGV as part of the GOP Senator delegation. To see the Southern border, he is asking for President Biden’s visit. @SenTedCruz also asks “Where the hell is Joe Biden?” @FoxNews

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 15, 2022

The GOP has been pushing the Biden administration, starting with Senators and ending up with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to resolve the southern border crisis. However, so far it has not succeeded.

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