Joe Biden Reaches Another Milestone Of Pure Ineptitude

Joe Biden keeps playing approval limbo and, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they do.

CNN released their new survey. This poll has been more favorable to Biden than previous ones. It shows that the president who has the lowest approval is the one with whom he was at this stage in his presidency’s history. Now, he’s even below Donald Trump who at that point was in the depths the absurd Mueller investigation.

June 13-July 13 (at similar points)

Bush, 2002 73%
Kennedy, 1962 69%
Bush, 1990 69%
Eisenhower, ’54 62%
Nixon, 1970 55%
Obama, ’10 50%
Clinton, ’94 44%
Reagan, ’82 44%
Carter, ’78 42%
Trump, ’18 39%
Biden, ’22 38%

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) July 18, 2022

Being lower than Jimmy Carter in 1978 is quite the feat, but Biden is just the man to pull it off. The current president is able to make things work despite not being subject to unfair external pressures, such as the Mueller investigation and the Iran hostage crisis. The current president has taken over a recovering economy, and made it a quarter of zero growth. This is also known as a recession. His big-spender lifestyle has caused inflation to explode. Even worse, he has screwed every foreign policy decision he made from Afghanistan to the recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

It’s been one failure after the other, and Americans don’t want him to get away with it.

CNN POLL: Just 31% say Biden has the “right priorities” — “clearly the low-water mark of Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 18, 2022

It looks as though the plan to concentrate on climate change and abortion has gone sour. It is hard to believe that anyone could have predicted this (raises hands). The voters don’t want to see a president trying to stop a revolution like Alexandria OcasioCortez and Bernie Sanders. A president that delivers an economic boom and has the potential to lead is what they want. Few Americans are based their political opinions solely on access to abortion until birth. Fewer people care about the hysterical proclamations on climate change. Although it isn’t difficult, Biden tried his best.

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Moving to other sections of the poll, demographic breakdowns also offer little hope for the president.

Joe Biden job approval CNN/SSRS 7/18 N=1,459 (strong) –

A: 38/62 (12/43)
RV: 38/61 (13/44)
M: 33/66 (10/47)
W: 42/58 (14/39)
Wh: 33/67 (9/51)
AA: 57/43 (24/17)
Lat: 38/60 (13/36)
Non-coll: 32/68 (9/49)
Coll: 48/52 (16/33)
Wh non-coll: 24/76 (6/61)
Wh coll: 47/53 (15/36)

— Varad Mehta (@varadmehta) July 18, 2022

For some reason, African-Americans, who have been hit hard by Biden’s blunders, still approve of him at a 57 percent rate (a really bad rate for Democrats historically), but Hispanics tell a far different story. They only approve of the president at a 38 percent rate with a whopping 60 percent disapproval. These are historic low numbers and indicate a shift in Hispanics towards Republicans heading into the midterms.

Heck. Biden has fallen underwater among white college graduates. However, I think white college-educated white women give him positive ratings because they know there is no way for liberal wine mothers to replace them.

The moral of this story is that Biden has problems. Biden is not only a poor president but a terrible president in the past. It’s hard to imagine him turning it around. Although he can move staff around, as is most likely after November’s election, Biden remains Biden. This means that failure is almost inevitable and will only get worse.

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