Dem Lawmaker Offers Orwellian Advice to Reduce Abortion’s Negative Effect

We’ve seen just how extreme some left-leaning people can get about abortion. We saw wild Senate testimony last week on this question. One senator refused to answer the question about whether unborn babies have value while also saying that Texas and Utah are stopping people voting. It was absurd enough.

But, we have to give it to one Democrat for her idea of making abortion and the killing of unborn children more palatable.

Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-NY, said she had become tired of people using the negative terms “abortion,” “abortion”, and so forth.

Democrat Rep. Kathleen Rice insists we need to “stop using” the word “abortion” when talking about abortion because it raises negative emotions

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 19, 2022

Rice said to the people she was talking with that it was wrong for them to use the term “abortion” because they believe that it will raise emotional reactions. Rice said that the term “abortion” had been used to “weaponize” certain people in the country.

Rice believes that the term “abortion” has a negative connotation. Let her hear about it. Do you prefer dismemberment or a more precise term? The nice thing about abortion is that it covers the brutal act. Because abortion is a very serious act, it has a negative connotation.

I’m also confused by this declaration. Do Democrats not believe that “pregnant women” should be able to have abortions on their own terms and with no apology as is often stated by the protest signs? Some even speak of “shouting” their abortions. Rice suddenly wants to modify the definition. Perhaps they are aware that the majority of people do not support abortion without restrictions and on demand. Some of them aren’t willing to confront the questions of who they’re supporting and hate being accused of advocating for killing babies. It sounds as though Democrats are aware of the problem. The Democrats want to cover up the real negative consequences and minimize the damage.

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Imagine how “1984” this thought is — let’s change the common language we have, to make the act that is so controversial more acceptable. Rice believes that this will help to reduce any negative perceptions people may have. Rice believes the word is bad but is all for it — is this logic?

But, they realize they are losing the battle.

This where Democrats stand right now. They can’t face reality so have to change the name to suit their agenda. What about calling it murder? What could be better?

These people are insane and broken. These people are broken and insane. Perhaps we need to stop calling them “democrats”. It brings up too many negative emotions. #TCNT

— Jon Justice (@JonJustice) July 19, 2022

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