Dem Lawmaker Calls the SCOTUS Threat to ‘Our Planet”

Dem Lawmaker Calls the SCOTUS Threat to ‘Our Planet”

A Democratic Congresswoman said Monday that the Supreme Court decision in June on the Environmental Protection Agency statutory powers posed a threat to the Earth.

“The court currently in place is a danger not only to the country but also to democracy and the planet. Last month, climate change was the greatest existential threat that the planet faces. (RELATED: ‘Burning America To The Ground’: Liberals Blast SCOTUS EPA Decision)


The Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded its authority when it tried to enact the Clean Power Plan in June, one of several rulings that were victories for conservatives. These rulings include Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court and New York’s ban on concealed carry permits requiring applicants to have “good cause” for carrying a gun.

A month ago, reactionaries (reactionaries dressed in robes) decided that we do not have the constitutional right to abortion. They showed that they were willing to take away our rights to decide about our bodies. Coleman stated that the Dobbs [Jackson] Women’s Health [Organization] decision forces the will of five unelected religious extremeists on nearly 330 millions

” “In just one month it declared gun violence prevention legislation illegal, rolled back Miranda Rights, and weakened the separation of church-state.”

Liberals, and some Democratic legislators called for an expansion of the Supreme Court to address the aftermath of these rulings. This was supported by the majority of Democrats according to a Tuesday poll. Legislation to expand the Supreme Court was introduced in the House and Senate.

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Coleman didn’t immediately reply to a Daily Caller News Foundation request for comment.

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