Uvalde: Family Not Content with Report. Acting Chief Placed on Vacation

As we previously reported, Texas lawmakers issued an inquisitorial report regarding the shooting at Robb Elementary School. It details many of the mistakes that were made and also mentions the impact that immigration has had on their response.

Members a special commission of the Texas legislature met on Sunday with family members of victims to present their report and answer any questions the communities might have. The biggest issue has been how it took 77 minutes to take out the shooter, and how that delay and a host of other failures cost lives. Despite knowing there were people alive inside the classroom because of 911 calls, they still didn’t breach the classroom. The report was not received well by the families.

In addition to the publication of the report Don McLaughlin, Uvalde mayor stated in a statement the city would release any body-cam footage taken by police on that particular day. It took so long for anything to be done despite the fact that there was so much law enforcement present.

In reality, numerous officers were seen gathered outside adjoining classrooms where the gunman opened fire on teachers and students. The report noted that a total of 376 local, state and federal law enforcement officials responded to the shooting.

The city took further action against Lt. Mariano Pargas who had been acting chief of police at the time of the massacre and placed him on administrative leave.

Mayor in Uvalde Don McLaughlin announced today that Don McLaughlin, the acting chief of police for the Robb Elementary School massacre shooting was placed on leave following a report that found numerous failures of law enforcement

— Sky News Breaking (@SkyNewsBreak) July 17, 2022

Here is the complete news conference:

WATCH LIVE – Texas legislators hold a news conference following the release of their report highlighting “systemic failings” in Uvalde’s shooting response. https://t.co/7fEE5RT5K8 https://t.co/zesQAGPRiW

— CBS News (@CBSNews) July 17, 2022

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