Bomb threat led to evacuation of airport

SAN FRANCISCO — Police said Monday that an Oakland man was taken into custody for reporting a false threat of a bomb attack over the weekend. This led to hundreds of people being evacuated from San Francisco International Airport’s International Terminal.

Terry Addison was charged with false bomb threat reporting and maliciously reporting a false threat to a bomb, according to a San Francisco Police Department statement.

Addison has been booked in San Mateo County jail, the county where the airport is situated. We do not know if Addison is represented by an attorney. The San Mateo County Prosecutors did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The bomb threat was made Friday night. Authorities discovered a suspicious package. San Francisco police confirmed that the suspect package had been found. The item was possibly an incendiary .”

, according to airport investigators.

Police stated Friday that a male suspect had been taken into police custody. However, no further information was released by police.

The airport’s AirTrain service and Bay Area Rapid Transit train were both suspended. The airport only allowed passengers to drop off and pick up at its domestic terminals.

Police stated that they had removed several suspicious packages from the international terminal, and it was now safe to enter after midnight on Saturday.

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