‘They Pick And Choose’: Biden Faces Backlash For Publicizing COVID Vaccine Statuses While Ordering Abortion Privacy

  • President Biden signed an executive order to help abortion seekers keep their health records private after requiring Americans to publicly disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status for months. The irony of it is that they choose and decide when privacy and’my bodies, my choice’ are applied in their policymaking,” said Dr. Ben Carson (ex-Hands on and Urban Development Secretary) to the Daily Caller News Foundation. The Biden administration raised concerns about third-party tech groups leaked women’s abortion records to law enforcement. It suggested that the new executive orders will let abortion seekers ‘protect themselves’ from discrimination. However, the previous executive order by the President forced employers to eliminate unvaccinated workers.

President Biden is being criticized for protecting “patient privacy” regarding abortion after requiring Americans to display their COVID-19 vaccination status to their employers for months.

Biden signed an executive order on July 8, 2022, attempting to protect abortion rights post-Roe v. Wade. This executive order includes measures that protect women’s abortion records from being leaked to outsiders and data collectors. This order is intended to protect both the recipients and providers of abortion from criminal prosecution in those states which are tightening their laws. This comes after the President enacted an executive order requiring Americans to publicly display their COVID-19 vaccination status for months in order to keep their jobs. (RELATED: Biden Considers Declaring Public Health Emergency To Help Secure Abortion Access)

“The President’s executive order takes additional steps to protect patient privacy, including by addressing the transfer and sales of sensitive health-related data, combatting digital surveillance related to reproductive health care services,” the White House stated on their website. “HHS (The Department of Health and Human Services) will consider additional actions, including under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to better protect sensitive information related to reproductive health care.”

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The White House added new guidance issued by the HHS Secretary, addressing how the HIPAA Privacy Rule protects women’s reproductive information.

The guidance informs doctors, other health care providers, and law enforcement that they aren’t required, and often not allowed, to share patients’ private information.

“Protecting the privacy and security of this information, including what doctors you visit and what medical treatments or services you receive, allows you to control who has access to information about you, how much access they have, and when they have access,” the website continued. Some critics of President Biden believe that his administration is holding a double standard in regard to privacy regarding abortion and vaccines.

“It is certainly nice to see President Biden finally take privacy rights seriously,” said Dr. Ben Carson (ex-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development). He said, “The irony of it is that they choose and decide when privacy should be applied and “my body,” their choice in policymaking.” When you apply selectively privacy on medical records you violate public trust and politicize the public’s health,” Ray Wang (CEO of Constellation Research) told the Daily Caller News Foundation. He said that “we have to rebuild trust in public institutions” and that a dual standard was counterproductive.

This photograph taken on July 2, 2022, shows a banner reading “my body, my choice” as demonstrators take part in a rally calling for right to abortion to be protected by Constitution in Paris (Photo by CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP via Getty Images)

When it came to vaccine information, HHS compiled a list of exceptions to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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The administration stated that the new executive order on abortion allows individuals to “protect” themselves from potential discrimination, identity theft, or harm to their reputation.

Contrastingly, when discussing abortion privacy, the administration stated that President Biden’s new executive order on abortion allows individuals to “protect” themselves from “potential discrimination, identity theft, or harm to (their) reputation.”

Biden’s critics have previously called his federal vaccine mandates discriminatory, which prompted multiple lawsuits and ultimately led to the Supreme Court striking down his executive order demanding the vaccination of all Americans who work for companies with more than 100 employees. Some companies are currently being sued by employees alleging medical and religious discrimination for continuing their vaccine mandates after the Supreme Court’s ruling.”

There are currently no federal or state laws preventing U.S. companies from requiring their employees to download COVID tracking apps. During the pandemic, A number of colleges and universities mandating the COVID vaccine required students to permit apps to track their health information, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Some of these apps tracked students’ locations, The New York Post reported.

Under Biden’s new proposed changes to Title IX, all federally funded colleges must protect student’s seeking abortions and academically accommodate them, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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