Report: Army will Force Female Soldiers To Shower with Biological Males

If your daughter plans to join the Army she may find herself spending more time in the shower.

As reported by Breitbart under the banner of “exclusive,” the branch’s training details updated directions for bathing. These rules may seem unfamiliar to you, but they are quite different from the ones that you might be used to.

The training — purportedly delivered via scenarios — prescribes proper responses to issues concerning transgenderism.

Vignette 9 deals, for example, with mandatory urine samples: What happens if an “observer”, who is not comfortable watching a soldier, “not had sex surgery” or “not had sex reassignment” — pee in a cup?

Comfort-minded Measures are Available:

Commanders may consider alternate observation options… Options could include observation by a different observer or medical personnel of the same gender as the soldier.

But, what about washing? According to the eighth vignette, reluctant ladies are likely out of luck. Maybe the other person will not pee.

The soldier went from being a male soldier to one that was a female… He did not undergo sex-reassignment. Other soldiers expressed discomfort with showering in open-bay configurations with female genitalia.

The concerned parties may talk to “with their chain or command .”


Soldiers must accept living and working conditions that are often austere, primitive, and characterized by little or no privacy. All soldiers will use the billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their gender marker…

The slide states that commanders can make reasonable accommodations, such as installing shower curtains or adjusting the schedule of showers .”

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Facilities will not be designated, modified, or constructed to make transgender-only areas. Modifications must be made available for all soldiers. Accommodations can’t be used to stigmatize or isolate transgender soldiers.

Might not-required accommodation such as curtains make transgender soldiers feel stigmatized? There is a good chance.

The situation became inevitable after the government introduced the radical notion of “gender.” Until recently, every American was not bisexual. The only way people were classified was based on their sex. There wasn’t even a layer called “gender identity”. This classification was then firmly enshrined in federal law.

All branches must be co-ed clean:

Report: Navy Says Sailors Can Use Whichever Locker Room Suits Their Gender Identity

— RedState (@RedState) July 9, 2021

Other Army Vignettes — Captures of which were previously published Popular Military – pertain to things like “pronoun use”:

A soldier approaches their commander and requests the commander direct all soldiers in the unit to address them and use the pronouns common to their self-identified gender without completing the gender marker change in [the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System].


Inform the soldier that Army recognises soldiers’ genders by their gender markers… The soldier should use the correct pronoun when speaking to other soldiers.

It’s all about pregnancy and medical conditions:

Understand that soldiers who have transitioned gender may remain susceptible to medical conditions associated with their birth gender. Transgender soldiers are treated in the same way as other soldiers with any medical condition. All policies pertaining to pregnant soldiers will be respected by commanders and units.

Culturally it seems to me that the military has been dissolved. The institution’s original identity has been sold to make way for something undisputedly new.

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Previously people were encouraged to join the military for patriotism or personal development. The fact that they were treated like a number, and then forced to follow difficult requirements meant that enlistees could develop maturity and discipline. They were also protecting a great nation.

Our remade concept of Armed Forces emphasizes Accommodation — while also teaching Critical Race Theory, and the dark history of our country.

Girls were not allowed to swim with the boys despite the traditions of the branches. We are in the middle of a social revolution. This is evident in many different ways. Color-blindness for instance, has become the new form of racism.

How will America’s future look like? The future America is very different from what it was in the past.


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