FACT CHECK: Did Ukraine Destroy ‘Hundreds’ Of Tanks In Kharkiv?

A video shared on Facebook claims Ukraine destroyed “hundreds of T-80BV tanks” in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Verdict: False

There is no evidence to suggest Ukraine has destroyed “hundreds” of Russian tanks in Kharkiv.

Fact Check:

The Russian military launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, according to CBS News. The war between the two nations has now raged for over 100 days.

A Facebook video claims that Ukraine achieved some victories on the battlefield. “Horrible Attack!! Ukrainian troops destroyed hundreds of T-80BV tank convoy in Kharkiv,” reads the title of the video, which shows various clips of Russian military vehicles being destroyed.

The six-minute video, however, does not show any proof that hundreds of Russian T-80BV tanks had been destroyed in Kharkiv. has not yet if this happened. Although there was media reporting that the Ukrainians had destroyed a Kharkiv bridge with a Russian convoy, Check Your Fact could not locate any evidence to show “hundreds of Russian tanks” were lost in this region.

Two open-source intelligence groups that track the conflict in Ukraine — UA Weapons Tracker and OSINTtechnical — told Check Your Fact there has not been a convoy of hundreds of T-80 tanks destroyed in Kharkiv in one attack.

“Whilst large quantities of T-80 series tanks have been destroyed in Kharkiv Oblast and other areas, I am not sure that it would be accurate to say ‘hundreds,’ although over a hundred may be better,” UA Weapons Tracker said in an email statement to Check Your Fact.

“It doesn’t seem like the Russians lost that many vehicles around Kharkiv,” OSINTtechnical stated in a direct tweet. (RELATED: Is Ukraine Using German Howitzers To Fight Russia? ) Both accounts can be linked to Oryx which is an open-source military analysis site that monitors vehicle losses in Ukraine. Oryx claims to have visually confirmed the destruction, capture or abandonment of over 150 Russian T-80 tanks, of which there are several models, throughout the war.

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The Ukrainian military claims to have destroyed over 1,600 tanks, according to The Kyiv Independent.

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