Blake Masters is running to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. He called on Sunday for an end to American land acquisitions by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities.

“It is absurd that we allow the Chinese Communist Party to make a profit from our resources. These are fundamental mistakes that a serious nation would not make. We are being flooded with Fentanyl and they launch cyber attacks to steal our IP. Our current group of failing leaders seem more than okay with this. Masters stated that this needs to change.

Masters shared a tweet earlier that day about a former general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, who is reported to own 200 square miles of land near Laughlin Air Base in Texas, commenting, “We are going to make this illegal.”

We are going to make this illegal https://t.co/vZQTPuHbBO

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) July 17, 2022

Breitbart News reported on this land acquisition in August 2021, noting that Senator Ted Cruz speculated the Chinese Communist Party was engaging in “land purchase schemes” in sensitive locations to “expand its espionage capabilities.”

On July 1, the New York Post reported on another case of a Chinese entity purchasing land near an American military base:

A Chinese company’s purchase of farmland in North Dakota just down the road from a US Air Force base that houses sensitive drone technology has lawmakers on Capitol Hill worried about potential espionage by Beijing, according to a report.

This is not the first time Masters has expressed concern about the Chinese regime’s activities in the American economy, tweeting in December 2021 that “when it comes to international labor, trade, and investment, it’s time to wake up: we’re talking about foreign powers with their own interests.”

For decades, China built its economy off our backs, and the ideologues running our country (see: Biden in 2019) refused to admit it.

When it comes to trade and international investment, it is time to get serious: We are talking about foreign power with their own interests. pic.twitter.com/X1BxnI2Xci

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) December 7, 2021

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