D.C. venue cancels the appearance of conservative comedian who called AOC at Capitol

A Washington, D.C. venue was canceled after the right-wing provocateur filmed him making lewd remarks at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, near the U.S. Capitol Steps.

The DC Arts Center announced that it cancelled its appearance by Alex Stein on Thursday, citing insufficient security measures due to the backlash Mr. Stein experienced from his video.

“Omg (AOC) got DC Arts Center to cancel the comedy show I was performing tonight He tweeted that all tickets would be refunded to those who purchased them, and that he’d still perform at the U.S. Capitol on that evening.

Mr. Stein recorded himself making sexual comments at New York Democrats. He called her “favorite big kicky Latina .”


” I love you AOC. You’re my favorite,” Mr. Stein said. She wants to have babies but is still very beautiful. That dress is stunning on you. It’s very attractive .”

Ms. Ocasio Cortez posted later about the incident. She said that she was “walking up to deck him”, and was dismayed at the inaction of the U.S. Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police has not yet responded to our request for comment.

The congresswoman claimed that she removed her video sharing because Stein was “seeking extreme fame .”

“It is a bummer that I work at an institution which allows this. But, talking about it invites even more. She tweeted, “Just really sad.”

Mr. Stein posted another video in which he heckled Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Illinois Republican), calling him “RINO” as well as a traitor. Mr. Kinzinger was one of two Republican members of the House Jan.6 committee.

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