Blake Masters Exclusive: Trump’s Endorsement Has “Been like Rocket Fuel for This Campaign”

Blake Masters Exclusive: Trump’s Endorsement Has “Been like Rocket Fuel for This Campaign”

Blake Masters (Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Arizona) said that President Donald Trump’s endorsement was “like rocket fuel” in an appearance on Breitbart news Saturday .

Masters has a lead of nearly double over his Republican rivals and hopes to win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in August 2.


Breitbart news Saturday host Matthew Boyle began the interview asking Masters questions about Trump’s endorsement.

Masters stated that Trump’s endorsement was “like rocket fuel” for his campaign .”

” I believe President Trump supported me in June. It’s now been six weeks. But, it has been that long. Masters stated that it’s served as rocket fuel in this campaign.

Masters reported that Trump’s appearance in Arizona had been postponed for one week. He also offered prayers to the Trump family, in light Ivana Trump’s death.

“I ask everyone to keep praying for the Trump family. That was terrible news, and they are still grieving the loss Ivana. However, we will have another rally next Friday in Prescott Valley (Arizona ).

Masters stated that Trump rallies were “less traditional” than other political events and more like “a rock concert .”


Boyle emphasized the importance of Arizona’s U.S. Senate race, with the current Senate being evenly split 50-50.

Masters stated that his race was the “most significant Senate race in this cycle .”

” I think this is the most important Senate race in this cycle. We have many other important Senate races. Nevada, like you said, Georgia, Pennsylvania, but you can’t draw a line back to 51 Republican votes in the United States Senate without going through Arizona,” Masters said. It’s crucial. It’s absolutely critical. It is the battleground.”

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He criticized Sen. Mark Kelly, a Democrat from Arizona for “doing whatever Chuck Schumer wants him to,” while falsely telling Arizona voters he’d be an independent voice within the Senate chamber.

Masters said:

The Democrats know that too. They have a terrible, horrible agenda but they aren’t boring. They are smart people and know Arizona. So they have Senator Mark Kelly, an incumbent Democrat, in the Senate. Kelly is a dream to them because he does what Chuck Schumer orders him. Smart Kelly promised Arizona that he would become independent. He hasn’t. He voted for Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer in unison. It’s the most important Senate election, but I believe I will be the most capable candidate to expose Mark Kelly. He’s going pretend to be moderate and we’ll tie him to Kelly’s left-wing voting records. He is out of sync with Arizona. We’ll take the seat back, I am pretty certain.

The conversation turned to immigration which Masters made a major point in his campaign. He criticised President Joe Biden’s inability to enforce federal immigration laws and promised to make immigration policies more favorable for American workers.

“I think it is obvious that there should be zero illegal immigration. Right? It’s because it is illegal. Masters stated that you are not allowed to possess any.” Joe Biden doesn’t want to enforce federal laws. They halted the construction of the wall at the border, but they reversed the remain in Mexico policy. Instead, they have positively overflowed the border, inviting millions to come to this country. All of that must stop. Illegal immigration is, obviously, a terrible .”

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Masters stated that “unlimited illegal aliens” are a major threat to the wages of American workers .”

He also criticized Silicon Valley’s big tech firms for using foreign workers rather than training American workers.

” I used to be a Silicon Valley worker. He said that he witnessed firsthand the way in which the h1B visa program functions like corporate welfare for Facebook and Google. Instead of training Americans in software programming, Facebook or Google would rather bring people from India and China to work the same jobs. We shouldn’t allow .”


Masters thinks that the litmus test of American immigration policy should be whether or not “inclusion” is a benefit to the average American .”

“But, we should not accept legal immigrants who will throw Americans out the door. The litmus test of any immigration policy should be “Does the addition of this individual net benefit the average American?” “If it does, it might be a good policy,” he said.

Masters discussed his opinions on American family structures and his desire to help Americans have a stable income. He said he was “astonished” when some considered his goal “controversial.”

” You used to be able live off a single income for decades. Masters stated that it could be a complex story because of the globalization and decades of inflation. But, Masters suggested, “You can’t do it anymore.” Masters said that it seemed like there was a problem. It could be a difficult problem. It’s impossible to solve it .”

” I believe the family, or the nuclear family is the most important institution in America. We should make it easy for people of all ages to have children and for people who are financially secure enough to support them,” Masters said.

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Breitbart News Saturday airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 from 10: 00 a.m. to 1: 00 p.m. Eastern.

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