Biden makes a bad gaffe about American Troops. But what’s worse is how he left them in the lurch

We have seen many gaffes by Joe Biden. He had yet another during his final day in Saudi Arabia, Saturday. On Saturday, he boasted that there weren’t any more American soldiers in conflict in the region.

JOE BIDEN in Saudi Arabia: “We’ll always honor the bravery and selfishness — selflessness — of the and sacrifices of the Americans who served”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 16, 2022

“For the first time since 9/11, an American President is visiting this region without American troops being engaged in combat — in a combat mission in the region,” Biden said. We will always remember the selflessness and bravery of those who served. This includes my son Major Beau Biden who was stationed for one year in Iraq.

Secretary to State Antony Blinken was positioned near the president and became uncomfortable during his speech.

That’s an awful gaffe.

But, even worse than these gaffes is Joe Biden’s incompetent and bad policies that have so badly harmed our country. Joe Biden boasts that troops are no longer fighting in the region. This was a goal that many American leaders had long wished for. Biden, however, was prepared to risk it all being done safely and correctly, and protecting American citizens and soldiers, and our allies when he pulled out of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Before he got Americans out and our allies out, he pulled out the military. Then a second time, putting more troops in harm’s path.

Biden became so focused on his escape date that he forgot to consider the fate of those left behind, condemning thousands to a uncertain future at the hands the Taliban. He and his team even lied about the people left behind, claiming the numbers were no more than 200, when indeed there were thousands. He did this so that he could get a photo of the type he took in Jeddah Saturday.

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So, when we’re thinking about “selfishness,” the real selfishness was not of the American soldiers who did all they could in a horrendous situation that was foisted upon them, who performed heroically, with 13 American military members who were killed during the withdrawal, and the many more who were wounded. Joe Biden was the real self-interest.

Let’s remember the 13, when Joe Biden tries to make such statements in the future. It was those who were responsible for Joe Biden’s incompetence.

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