Pete Buttigieg claims that high gas prices are forcing Americans to switch to electric vehicles

President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, boasted about how high gas prices are forcing Americans towards electric vehicles during an interview on Thursday on REAL 92.3’s Big Boy TV.

Buttigieg said:

We’re for cutting the cost of electric vehicles because when you have an electric vehicle, then you’re also going to be able to save on gas, but you got to be able to afford it in the first place. We are starting to see that some models have the cost of electric vehicles drop so even though your car payments might be higher, you will still be paying less for gas. This is a good thing, but it’s not possible to afford an EV.

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg brags about how high gas prices are forcing people to electric vehicles.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 15, 2022

Buttigieg made these comments after U.S. Labor Department data revealed that the June annual inflation rate was 9.1%. Additionally, Americans have been paying record high gas prices since the beginning of Biden’s presidency.

A day after Buttigieg’s comments, Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer from Texas, reportedly requested that Texas drivers refrain charging their cars for more than five hours a day because of a heatwave.

” A heat wave will impact Texas’ grid over the coming days. Grid operator suggests that you avoid charging between 3pm-8pm to reduce demand. This is according to a Tesla Alert sent to your in-car screens.

Buttigieg made Thursday’s remarks. This is not his first promotion of expensive electric cars as an option for American motorists to cut down on their gas costs. The Transportation Secretary said, “People from rural, to suburban, to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV,” in March after gas prices broke a record previously set in 2008.

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Buttigieg also made similar comments in November, during an interview on MSNBC.

” Rural residents are the best people to own an electric vehicle. They often drive the farthest distances and use the most fuel, he said.

Buttigieg seems to be expressing the official Biden Administration position regarding gas prices. Other members of the administration also advocate electric cars in light of rising gas prices.

Last Month, Jennifer Granholm (Biden’s Energy Secretary) claimed that American gas prices were “unsustainable” but pointed out that high energy costs “accelerating our progress towards clean energy .”

Granholm said, “very compelling case” for electric cars due to high gas prices.

“If you filled up your EV and you filled up your gas tank with gasoline, you would save $60 per fill-up by going electric rather than using gasoline but it’s a very compelling case, but again, we want to bring down the price at the point of purchase,” Granholm said.

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