Jill Biden Whines about Nantucket. Joe hit with another crisis

First Lady Jill Biden made a complaint in Nantucket to donors on Saturday while she was delivering a speech at an event.

When speaking about President Joe Biden’s husband, she seemed saddened at the events taking place in the world while he was president.

“He was so full of hopes and dreams for the things he wanted, but when you turn around, it became clear that he needed to deal with the immediate problems.” she stated.

Biden addressed about twenty-six guests at the fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee. She left behind her prepared remarks to allow for frank discussions.

“He has had many opportunities,” she stated. Who would’ve thought of Roe v Wade?” We may have seen it coming, but we still didn’t believe it .”

She said that Biden could not predict war in Ukraine.

” The gun violence in this nation is appalling,” she said. We didn’t expect the conflict in Ukraine .”


The first lady said she was expecting to be involved in issues such as military families and community colleges.

” These were to be my main areas. “But then, when we got there), I had to have been, with all of that was happening,” she stated, recalling her visits to Wauseka in Wisconsin after a man targeted Christmas Parade with his car, and her visit to Ukraine to see the first lady.

Jill Biden stated that her husband was the best person to lead this country in these tough times.

She vividly recalled the 2020 election, saying that Trump voters were “evil .”

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Voters, who supported her husband, she said, “I believe they chose him. At least in mine, perhaps yours too, because it was between good and bad .”

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