“Feel-Good Friday”: The Life-Encouraging Doula brings hope to parents in her local community

To strengthen communities against abortion we need to encourage and promote a culture that values life. Community that models healthy families and supports them will have a lower tendency to end life.

Regardless of whether this is Amanda Poteet Woolen’s motivation, she works to create this kind of support system in her Bowling Green community. This is why this Feel-Good Friday is being held.

Poteet–Woolen met with WNKY News 40 Kentucky to discuss formation of Birth, and Baby Community Meetings :

On July 30, I am hosting our first Birth and Baby Community Meeting. The topic of the meeting is anxiety in parenting. I expect a large turnout and great community for parents.

What should parents be concerned about? Well, you have a Department of Justice which is targeting concerned parents and labeling them terrorists, and groomers trying to convince children there are 27 genders and they are the wrong one. Is it the push for your children to be activated? What is toxic masculinity? Is there a definition of a woman?

Did you forget to mention that government can bypass parental consent for puberty blocks, abortions and toxic vaccines.

Yeah! It makes one wonder why parents are stressed.

But, Poteet Woolen is committed to helping parents realize that they’re not the only ones in this battle and have support from their community.

After serving Kentucky so long and living in many different homes, I have noticed that mothering can be very lonely.

So, I thought, why not have community again? People from all walks can share their stories and have support.

By all walks of parenthood, she means not just diversity of skin, but diversity of experience. Parents of teens, older parents and parents of adults. Poteet Woolen understands that there is no one size fits all solution. Parents at various stages in their lives can provide a unique perspective for a parent who might be starting a family.

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The pandemic was a catalyst for many changes. The pandemic has changed many things, including how Americans see family and their community. Some people moved to be closer to their families, despite the many moves and shifts that took place across the nation. Some others moved home in order to be near their families.

Americans now understand the importance of community support in times of crisis.

We live in difficult times.

Poteet Woolen hopes the group will be that kind of support and a place where parents can share their experiences with parenting, both good and bad.

We never forget the need to support each other and build community. It’s a safe space to say, “Hey, I really struggled this month, how are you doing?”

Poteet Woolen’s complete WNKY interview can be found here:

Feel Good Friday – Parenting Meeting

If you’re in the Bowling Green area, the first meeting will be held on July 30. Poteet Woolen will be away from supporting moms and birthing babies, but she intends to continue these meetings. To learn more about the meetings or her doula services, visit her Grateful Moms Birth & Baby page on Facebook.

Whether you are raising your children yourself or helping them raise their children, what can you do to help others? How can you encourage health and life for families that you meet?

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