Dem Rep. Pressley: “Cruel” Ruling To Overturn Roe A ‘Public Health Crisis

Dem Rep. Pressley: “Cruel” Ruling To Overturn Roe A ‘Public Health Crisis

Representative AyannaPressley (D-MA), stated Friday, on MSNBC’s Katie Tur Reports that the Supreme Court’s decision in Wade v. had caused a “public Health Crisis .”

Pressley stated, “Abortion is health care. And for the second consecutive time, the House of Representatives has passed the necessary legislation. I am proud to be the co-chair of the Abortion rights and Access Task force and that we are inscribing the right to abortion care for all Americans. We have completed our second job as the House of Representatives. Now we call on the Senate for their task. Every day, people face insurmountable obstacles to accessing abortion care. The devastating effects of the Supreme Court’s brutal ruling are devastating

She said, “The fact remains that if an ectopic baby is in your body and you are at risk of losing your life, then abortion is your best option. Abortion is your only choice if you are suffering from a miscarriage, and have not yet expelled all the harmful elements. Abortion is the only option for you if you are diagnosed with cancer or pregnant. It is about one’s bodily autonomy, freedom, and right to choose when and if one wants to have a child. Health care includes abortion care. In the midst of a black maternal morbidity crisis, and, again, this is fact, not fiction, where black women are three times more likely to die in birth to be dealing with forced birth, the prospect of forced birth, it is predicted the black mortality crisis will increase by 33% and the maternal mortality crisis writ large by 21%.”

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Pressley said, “The people’s House has, for the second-time, done its job against this far right Supreme Court which overturned the will the people and sought to roll back time and give up our bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom, and our sexual liberties. Failing is unacceptable. It is not an option.

She stated, “This crisis is public in health, and this home needs that to have an integrated approach .”

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