Britney Spears: It’s better to hang with the homeless than Hollywood

Britney Sprung slammed Hollywood culture in an Instagram post that was recently deleted. She said she’d rather spend time with homeless people than Hollywood celebrities.

Spears appeared to suggest that being “hot” and “nice” is a Hollywood characteristic and not something very pleasant.

“Is this a sign that the devil is very hot and lovely? I would rather spend time with homeless people than those in Hollywood. She wrote the post, which has since been deleted.


It is not clear what Spears posted, but she did criticize Hollywood for her remarks after Ana de Armas stated that Hollywood culture had made it difficult to live in Hollywood.

” “This isn’t the place I want to be,” she stated of Los Angeles.

” It became too much. There’s no escape. She added that there is no escape. It’s the constant feeling that something is missing, or something you don’t possess. You feel anxious in this city

Britney Sppears married Sam Asghari, her fiancé after a miscarriage. This was following her father’s fall as conservatorship. During which time she was required to use an IUD in order to stop conception, she reportedly had to marry Sam Asghari. Liberals and conservatives both supported her cause, with each side noting that it simultaneously violated the woman’s bodily autonomy as well as her right to reproduce. The New York Times likened such a practice to forced sterilization in line with eugenics.

“Court-condoned compelled contraception is rare in conservatorship. But the specter it raises — forced sterilization — does have a grim, extensive history in the United States, especially against poor women, women of color and inmates. In the early 20th century, the state-sanctioned practice was upheld by the United States Supreme Court,” noted the outlet.

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“Eugenics was a leading rationale for female sterilization. In the 1927 case Buck v. Bell, the Supreme Court upheld the right to sterilize a ‘feeble-minded’ woman who had been committed to a state mental institution, with Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes infamously writing, ‘Three generations of imbeciles are enough,'” it continued.

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