Biden is Mocked by Saudis as They Take the Leg Out From Under His Claims

Joe Biden travelled to Saudi Arabia with a hat in his hand, to ask for oil. He even met with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he refused to-and after Biden called it a “pariah nation”. Biden was clearly not able to show that he had anything, even though he attempted to pretend so.

Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil. He said that it would “begin soon.” “

Not a word on American energy production.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 15, 2022

” We had a productive discussion about ensuring energy security worldwide and sufficient oil supplies for global economic growth,” Biden stated. It will be done in the next few days. “That will happen soon. We share this urgency with the Saudis and, based upon our conversations today, I believe we will see additional steps in coming weeks .”

Note that it doesn’t contain much information — it does not announce any agreement for additional oil. He would have made it public, but there was no concrete action. He said that he was hoping for “further steps”, which isn’t the case.

But, the Saudis crushed it, taking the claim out of Biden’s hands and making clear that there was no “further step .”


A joint statement released by Saudi Arabia after the event did not mention oil supply increases, but stated that both countries had “renewed” their commitments towards stability in global energy markets and that the US welcomed the Kingdom’s “commitment to balance the global oil market.”

The Saudi interpretation of the Biden/MbS meeting was more cautious. Afterward, Adel Al-Jubeir (a high-ranking Saudi diplomat) stated that Riyadh would produce more oil if there is a shortage. This has been a Saudi policy for a while. And he indicated Riyadh will work via OPEC+ | #OOTT

— Javier Blas (@JavierBlas) July 15, 2022

Imagine that you have to believe the take of Saudi Arabia more than Joe Biden. Their take on the matter is better than Joe Biden’s.

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In other words, it was just Biden’s performance to show us that he was actually doing something. He was also willing to forget all of his previous statements about Saudi Arabian and MBS. Even the fiancée of Jamal Kashoggi mocked him.

Jamal Khashoggi reacts to Biden meeting with MBS.

— Yashar Ali (@yashar) July 15, 2022

Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal — who had previously served as head of Saudi intelligence and an ambassador to the U.S. — told CNBC that Biden was a “much-diminished president” compared with when he was inaugurated in January 2021.

“Prince Turki stated that he had a plan to end all fossil fuel use worldwide, not just in America. Turki stated that Biden now needs fossil fuel “not just because of the Ukraine conflict, but because of U.S. policies which shut down oil pipelines and stopped issuing discovery certificates of oil on U.S. soil.”

You’re right, it’s true. But when the Saudis make fun of the person who holds the top spot in this country’s government, that’s not what you want. This doesn’t benefit our national security or global standing. It’s going to continue until Joe Biden is gone.

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