MSNBC host questions Garland about his suitability after Trump’s arrest. Jan. 6,

A MSNBC host said Thursday that Attorney General Merrick Garland might be the wrong person for the job because former president Donald Trump is not being prosecuted over the riot at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

“Some people have found themselves wondering if maybe giving the job of attorney general as a kind of consolation prize to Merrick Garland was not the best move when what the country needed was an AG ready and willing and able to prosecute an attack on our democracy, including possibly prosecuting the former president of the United States,” Mehdi Hasan said on “MSNBC Prime.” (RELATED: AG Garland Denies Need For Hunter Biden Special Counsel, Says He Is ‘Quite Comfortable’ With Current Prosecutor)


“To be clear, no one is disputing that Merrick Garland is an accomplished judge, a brilliant legal thinker, and by all accounts, a good guy,” Hasan continued. “But as the months have ticked by since the January 6 attack, more than 18 months, there has been little sign that his Justice Department is preparing to prosecute anyone beyond the foot soldiers who carried out the attack itself.”

Hasan cited a Monday op-ed by former prosecutor Andrew Weissman and reports that President Joe Biden expressed frustration with the Justice Department’s investigation. Democrats and liberals have criticised Garland’s inaction on Donald Trump. Some pundits and politicians called for Garland to be fired.

The Daily Caller News Foundation did not respond immediately to inquiries about the Justice Department or the White House.

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