Colorado Democrats Open Public Benefits to Illegal Aliens; Taxpayers Billed Millions

Colorado Democrats, with Gov. Jared Polis (D) at the helm, are opening an array of public benefits to illegal aliens that are expected to cost millions for the state’s taxpayers.

As part of a legislative package signed last year, Polis and Democrats have opened more public benefits like dental insurance, family services, business permits, and professional licenses to the state’s nearly 300,000 illegal aliens.

Likewise, Polis and Democrats are ensuring that illegal aliens will now be eligible for taxpayer-funded subsidies for property taxes, rental costs, and utility bills. That expansion, alone, will cost taxpayers about $12 million annually.

The effort comes as President Joe Biden’s administration has greenlit a plan by Colorado Democrats to give subsidized health insurance to illegal aliens. Colorado officials are hoping to enroll about 10,000 illegal aliens under the subsidized health insurance program in the first year, with more enrollees every year thereafter.

Similarly, Polis has signed legislation into law that will make pregnant illegal aliens and their children eligible for Medicaid beginning in 2025. That plan will cost taxpayers nearly $30 million a year, with the federal government paying most of the costs.

Colorado’s rapid expansion to entice illegal aliens to the state serves as a blueprint on par with states like California, Illinois, and New York, where illegal aliens are awarded driver’s licenses, health insurance, protection from deportation, as well as other benefits.

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