“You’re absurd!”: Reps. Cohen and Johnson exchange heated words over abortion

Republican Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson, along with Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, heatedly exchanged their opinions during the Thursday House Judiciary Committee hearing about Roe v. Wade Wade.

Cohen declared Canada the “freest nation in the world” and compared it to “several other countries,” which have fewer restrictions regarding abortion. Cohen called it a red herring that the federal government would return abortion regulations. He compared abortion restrictions with slavery and Confederacy.

Johnson reacted to the remarks of the Tennessee representative, calling the U.S. “the most free and most successful nation [and] the most powerful” because it upholds the American ideals for protecting the rights to life.

Your comments are absurd,” Johnson stated as Cohen tried to interrupt. Cohen stated, “This hearing .” Your comments are absurd, and you’re absurd!” Johnson stated that American officials are bound by the Constitution to protect the “sanctity of human lives,” as the Declaration of Independence states citizens have the “inalienable rights” to live. (RELATED : GOP Representative Presses Pro Abortion Witnesses on Whether They Support “Infanticide” This hearing is absurd, Johnson said. Johnson continued, “The Democrat majority called us to this hearing entitled The Threat To Individual Freedoms In a Post-Roe World. Individual freedom, which is first and foremost inalienable, includes the right of a child to live. This was declared in the nation’s birth certificates. America must uphold the sanctity and dignity of human life. States, local, and federal governments are bound by a Constitutional responsibility to ensure that this fundamental right .” He criticized lawmakers and the pro-abortion movement for allegedly trying to “trample upon the individual freedoms of those they disagree with”, pointing out the Shut Down D.C. offer of $200 “bounties,” which would allow the public disclosure of whereabouts and identities of conservative Supreme Court justices. He was able to escape a protestor crowd outside Morton’s Steakhouse, Washington D.C HTML1. After that, he cited Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s request for “shutdown” all crisis pregnancy centers in the United States. “It’s awful for her to make that statement,” he stated. There are two ,700 centers for pregnant women in this country. They serve all 50 state. They’re supported by over 10,000 licensed medical professionals, they annually serve approximately 2 million women and men. As a former legal counsel for several of these centers, I know firsthand that they perform exceptional and critical work. It is absurd to think that anyone would want to close down pregnancy centers which provide support, counseling and assistance to struggling moms who want their baby. This is absurd, but it’s simple. It is Their extremist agenda requires it He criticized the Women’s Health Protection Act which abolishes third-trimester and partial-birth abortions and places restrictions on sex selection. The bill was supported by all Senate Democrats, except Joe Manchin from West Virginia.

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