Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Uses COVID Voting Procedure 24 Times In One Day To Attend Campaign Events

Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Uses COVID Voting Procedure 24 Times In One Day To Attend Campaign Events

Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee in Ohio’s Senate race, voted by proxy 24 times Wednesday in order to attend campaign events in his home state.

The ten-term Democrat from northeast Ohio attended campaign events in the Toledo area and Portage County, according to posts on his Twitter page and local news reports. Just one day before, however, Ryan submitted a letter to the clerk of the House of Representatives saying that he would be unable to “physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

Democratic Virginia Rep. Don Beyer cast votes for Ryan on several amendments to the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an omnibus package that funds the Department of Defense. Ryan missed voting on legislation relating to active shooter response and the exposure of law enforcement officers to fentanyl. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Bipartisan Group Of Reps Propose Semiconductor Supply Chain Review)

The sun’s shining on @toledo_solar because they’re going all in creating clean energy jobs.

Thanks so much for touring–this company is what Ohio needs more.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) July 13, 2022

Ryan cited shortages and reliance on China made apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic as a key reason for his support of companies like Toledo Solar during his appearance at the green energy plant.

“We’ve seen through the pandemic how reliant we are on China for so many products and it’s just outrageous that we’re going to continue to go down that road,” he told NBC 24. “We must take a stand, and it will be beneficial solar companies here in northwest Ohio

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Ryan’s campaign didn’t respond to the Daily Caller asking for comments on his absence at the Capitol.

JD Ryan, Ryan’s general-election opponent, said to the Daily Caller the missing appearances are evidence Ryan is a career politician.

Tim Ryan has spent 20 years in Washington, DC living off the taxpayers’ dime, while accomplishing nothing except renaming a few buildings. While it is unfortunate that Ryan refuses to go to work every day, it’s even more disgraceful to tell Ohioans why he won’t. He said that this career politician fraud does not deserve a promotion and should be given a pink slip.

Ryan voted by proxy 60 times in 2021, according to an analysis from the Ripon Society. The procedure was first proposed by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. A lawsuit brought by Kevin McCarthy (Minority Leader) against it was denied by the Supreme Court.

Many conservatives criticize proxy voting, saying that some members abuse the process and lie about their absences. We’re all familiar with the stories of donors going to fundraisers. “I’m not saying that only one side has misused this,” Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher stated at March House Rules Committee.

“It’s about birthdays, it’s about graduation parties, it’s about the birth of children, it’s about climate change, it’s about strokes.”

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