Report: Twitter takes action against radicals who posted justices’ addresses while Joe Biden plays coy

It has been more than a month since an insane man was taken into custody for attempting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his own home. This was due to his expected vote to repeal Roe ,. It is also nearly two and a quarter months since left-wing mobs pounced on the conservative Justices, posting their addresses to Twitter following the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft major opinion to the media.

Now, after much time, and the damage done, Twitter has finally take actions on “Ruth Sent us” – the pro-abortion militant group at the heart of the SCOTUS harassment campaign – for posting private information to Twitter to incite fanatics to riot in the hope that they could storm the Justices’ neighborhoods and force them to change their votes.

Twitter suspended the group responsible for publishing the home addresses of several conservative Supreme Court justices on Thursday.


” Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court regularly issues rulings which hurt women, racial minority and immigrant right,” the website stated at that time. We must stand up and demand accountability .”


Ruth Sent Us previously received a ban on its TikTok account in May, but the company soon reinstated the group’s privileges.

Indeed – A visit to “Ruth Sent Us’ Twitter page will give you an “account suspension” message.

Now do @ShutDown_DC, @TwitterSafety.

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) July 14, 2022

While the Twitter powerhouses have not commented on their decision, it comes as radical groups affiliated with Ruth Sent Us and having similar motives are escalating threats against the SCOTUS Justices via the social media site. The “Shutdown DC” account encourages people to harass them in restaurants. This happened to Kavanaugh last Wednesday. They’re asking tipsters to report to them privately if they spot the SCOTUS Justices so that they can get more mobs:

DC Service Industry Workers… Please DM us with details if you spot Kavanaugh or Alito, Thomas Gorsuch, Coney Barr, Gorsuch, Gorsuch, Gorsuch, Coney, Roberts, etc.

We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message.

— ShutDownDC (@ShutDown_DC) July 8, 2022

Now, Joe Biden has been doing something: He is trying to overturn the court’s decision through executive orders and instructed the DOJ the same. This was to call Supreme Court conservatives “extremists” on international soil , adding fuel to an already dangerous fire. His spokespeople called Wednesday’s events involving Kavanaugh “democracy in action” and claimed that it was shocking.

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To date, Biden himself has not directly condemned the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh, though it was a direct threat against an American institution, the type of thing we’ve been told by Biden, his fellow Democrats, and the mainstream media for 18 months now was wrong to do when it was a ragtag group of Trump supporters breaching the Capitol.

As I have said, disagreements over Supreme Court decisions are only one thing. How Biden has reacted in response to the Supreme Court’s decision has not been the way a world leader should act. In the midst all of the emotions from both sides and the danger escalation of the actions and rhetoric of abortion proponents it would be reasonable to expect that President Obama would try to cool the atmosphere to prevent another attack on a SCOTUS Justice. Biden, however, has not done that. Biden has actually made things worse.

Twitter is doing something, even though it may be late. There is no reason for Biden to continue his silence about Kavanaugh’s attempted murder, nor for his continued inept excuse making for illegal protests still taking place outside Justices’ homes thanks the “Ruth Sent Us” information.

Joe Biden has a new way of showing us who he is. It’s not good. Not at all.

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