Joe Biden Brazenly Tells Trump Lies about Donald Trump, Despite Having a ‘List of Names’

Joe Biden arrived in Israel Wednesday. This started a string of Middle East legs. But things quickly went off track. On the tarmac, the president became confused and insulted a female military service member before declaring that the Holocaust is something to be “honored”. He can’t even read his notes correctly.

How did a restful night of sleep affect the state of the president? He was clearly confused as he gave a joint press conference Thursday. Biden is pushed by the Israeli Prime Miniter to help him answer a question, but he appears confused before declaring that he has a list of names to call.

Biden says he was given a list of reporters he’s allowed to call on

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) July 14, 2022

This is something that has been repeated so many times and my question is why Biden’s handlers didn’t tell him to stop telling people he has a long list of names. This isn’t normal. If they don’t know what questions will be asked, why else would they have such a long list? The list always focuses only on the far-left major media outlets such as CNN and Reuters. The White House is well aware that they won’t be pressing him about anything.

These confusing scenes are not intended to project strength internationally, but rather show our weakness. Even if a script is provided for the President of America, it’s impossible to hold a press conference. And even then, it’s not possible to get it just right. Is it possible to believe that Vladimir Putin isn’t paying attention? He does, I’m sure.

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Following Biden’s mental decline he decided to tell a brazen lie regarding Donald Trump and Middle East.

Biden says Trump made a mistake by “walking away” from his influence in the Middle East “

FACT: The historic Abraham Accords by President Trump continues to bring peace and security to Middle East.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 14, 2022

RedState previously reported that the lie was first made by President Obama while he was speaking with an Israeli journalist. The media did not respond with a single fact check, so the president felt that it was okay to repeat it.

The Abraham Accords were signed by the Trump administration, making them the most significant peace treaty in Middle East history. After its signing, relations between Israel and many Arab countries improved. Who was the one who truly walked out of the Middle East after that? That would be none other than Joseph Robinette Biden, who burned Afghanistan to the ground, causing the deaths of 13 US service members, in his rush to leave. In a flimsy attempt to placate Iran, he also destroyed diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. Today, the Middle East is clearly worse than when Biden was elected.

These are the facts that the president cannot hide no matter what lies he may tell.

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