Four Democrat-Controlled State Legislatures Targeted by State Republicans

The Republican State Leadership Committee, (RSLC), is optimistic of flipping four Democratic-controlled state legislatures during the upcoming midterm election.

On Wednesday, the RSLC listed Nevada, Maine and Oregon as “opportunities for flipping” in its legislative target lists.

The RSLC’s decision comes after polling found that Republicans are either leading or within the margin of error on the state legislative generic ballot in those four states.

For example, Republicans have a two-point advantage in Nevada’s state legislative generic ballot, with 48 percent compared to the Democrat’s 46 percent. In Maine, Republicans trail Democrats by just one point on the state legislative generic ballot.

In Oregon, just 36 percent of voters think their state is headed in the right direction, while 56 percent think it is going in the wrong direction.

Further, Washington Republicans are down by just two points on the state legislative generic ballot, coming in at 46 percent compared to the Democrat’s 48 percent.

The RSLC previously listed these four states as places to “make meaningful gains” when it released its first set of legislative targets in March.

RSLC President Dee Duncan stated that the committee was committed to making Democrats “sweat to defend every inch they hold currently.”

Even in states that President Biden won by double digits in 2020, Democrat majorities are anything but safe. Americans look to the state legislatures as a way to check President Obama’s economic failures. This gives state Republicans an opportunity to attack in areas they normally wouldn’t.

” While flipping chambers will prove difficult in deep blue states, we have made it our mission to maximize the political climate by expanding our geography and forcing Democrats to fight for every square inch they hold,” Duncan said.

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IN addition to these four new states, RSLC also targets Minnesota and Colorado as flippable legislatures. The state Republicans are hoping to gain meaningful victories in liberal strongholds like New York, Illinois, Maryland and New Mexico.

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