FACTCHECK: Joe Biden Was Hated About the Alleged Hacking of His Son Hunter Biden’s iCloud Account

A video shared on Facebook shows a man yelling at President Joe Biden over the alleged hacking attack of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account.

Verdict: False

The video’s creator confirmed it is edited. Original video: Stoneman Douglas High School victim’s father heckling Biden over gun control

Fact Check:

Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup was allegedly hacked by users on the internet messaging board 4chan who then shared content from the account, according to Vice News. The outlet stated that while media outlets are unable to verify the authenticity of the hack, they have been informed by the U.S. Secret Service.

The Facebook video shows Joe Biden confronted by a man about the hack at a White House press conference. The man shouts “What do YOU think Hunter’s backup to iCloud?” before Biden orders him to “sit

” An internet search reveals that Biden was heckled by a man during a July 11 speech at the White House, but it had nothing to do with Hunter Biden. The man who interrupted Joe Biden’s speech was Manuel Oliver, the father of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim, according to Politico. According to the outlet, Oliver called for President Obama to do more to end gun violence.

A video of the incident shared by ABC News on YouTube does not show him making any sort of comment about Hunter Biden’s alleged hack or the contents of the hack. (RELATED: Did Joe Biden Announce That All Americans Will Receive ‘Gas Checks’? )

Damon Imani, a video content producer, first posted the edited video on Twitter July 11. Imani sent a follow-up tweet clarifying the video was edited.

I was the one asking the question using a computer, a microphone and editing software. This is an informational meme that’s based on real life.

— Damon imani (@damonimani) July 11, 2022

“I was the one asking the question using a computer, a microphone and editing software. It’s called an informative meme based on reality,” Imani tweeted.

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This isn’t the first edited video featuring Joe Biden to circulate on social media. Check Your Fact previously debunked a claim from January 2022 that allegedly showed a Mack Truck worker berating the president.

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