Beto O’Rourke – Greg Abbott has ‘Badly failed’ the Families of Uvalde

Texas Democratic candidate for governor Beto O’Rourke, on Wednesday’s MSNBC Prime broadcast, accused Governor. Greg Abbott is guilty of failing to provide gun legislation in Texas for the Uvalde school shooting victims.

O’Rourke stated, “They want to see changes.” They want our children, and all our children, to be safe when they return to school. My hometown of El Paso will see our children return to school in 17. This is the start of the El Paso Independent Schools District’s new school year. Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed since the Uvalde shooting, Santa Fe High School shooting, or so many other acts of violence at schools in Texas .

He said, “All that the governor did was to make it easier to have guns in public, without having to check a person’s background or undergo any training.” These families are entitled to justice and leadership .”


O’Rourke stated, “When I was there in Uvalde on Sunday, we also went there to march alongside these parents and these students who organized a march for their community. The crowd gathered in the square to remember those who were killed and demand that gun laws be changed. Most of us are able to support common sense laws like red flag laws or universal background checks. Although the polling suggests that it is, we feel it’s only in Texas. There is no leadership in Texas right now to take this action. That’s why we need to change .”

He said, “Our governor has not only failed these families, the community of Uvalde but is also letting down this whole state .”

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He concluded that he was dependent on the NRA as well as the gun lobby. Instead, he should be focusing on the families right now and listening to their concerns as they request him to make good decisions as we move into next school year. He could convene a special session on legislature now to pass these laws. He won’t. We must question why. Then, we need to do everything necessary to make the office more effective for us .”


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