Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny!

Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny!


Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny!

As we all know, human scientific endeavour must be evaluated by the question: Does it benefit the homosexuals?

You think that it must be the Babylon Bee? It’s not, it’s part the Microsoft News network just like MSNBC. From the story:

NASA has shared the James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST) first high-resolution images of deep space, including some galaxies pictured 13 billion years ago–not long after the Big Bang. The JWST is a stark reminder that our nation continues to be open to accepting and commemorating queerphobia, despite its remarkable achievements in science.

The JWST first came under controversy last year when it came to light that its namesake, James Webb, oversaw the Lavender Scare during his tenure as NASA’s second administrator. McCarthy-era moral panic that saw queer staff exposed and expelled from their government posts, the Lavender Scare.

Of particular concern was the firing of NASA employee Clifford L. Norton as a result of “‘immoral conduct’ and for possessing personality traits which render him ‘unsuitable for further Government employment.'” This took place after the Lavender Scare, while Webb was still administrator in charge of these kinds of security investigations.

Because really, when you think about it, the only thing significant about a scientist’s life is how he felt about gay people in the 1950s. NPR, naturally, tried to warn the space agency last fall to turn back from its gay-bashing ways, but NASA for some reason wouldn’t listen.

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As Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is our Woke Cromwell they will either rename Webb’s telescope Big Freedia Space Telescope or blow it up to ensure our view of deep space remains clear.

Beloved New Orleans trans performer Big Freedia

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In related news, Elpidiphoros the brilliantly awake Greek Archbishop in New York may face backlash (who has changed his name from Elpidiphoros to Elpidoktonos, “destroyer” of hope), for not canonically baptizing the children of an American rich gay couple. But, he never said that his ministry is lacking diversity. Archbishop Elvis now has the NYC chapter of the far-left Greek atheist movement SYRIZA on his side. Excerpt:

The SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance New York Group of Members pledges full support for Archbishop Elpidoforos of America in the face of immoral attacks he’s been getting from far-right and church circles. These obscurantist and reactionary circles are calling for his removal, due to his performance of the baptism ceremony of two children of a same-sex couple in the Holy Temple of Athens on Saturday 7-9-2022.

This action of the Archbishop to support same-sex marriages and give citizens the same rights is welcomed and essential if the Orthodox church wants to be in line with modern inclusive society. It does not exclude people on the basis of sexual orientation or their parent’s identity.

The next government of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance must legislate the right to marry with full rights for all same-sex and non-formal couples, expanding the legislative section introduced in 2015 (Law 4356) by extending the cohabitation agreement to same-sex couples. There are no exemptions to equality and equal rights.

Take that, Slavic, Georgian and Romanian Orthodox! It seems that history is not in your favor. It doesn’t take a telescope or a satellite to understand that history is a sum of all human endeavour and that the Will of the All-Holy, Eternal God can be seen only in the light of the non-existent narcissistic LGBT movement. Duh!

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