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Uvalde is The West

Things crumble. Groomers are threatening children’s psyches, and even their bodies. But nobody


They released video from the Uvalde school. Austin’s newspaper obtained the footage and has removed the sound of screaming children. CNN comments:

Surveillance video of law enforcement’s response during the Uvalde school massacre reveals the clearest account yet of how officers waited outside an elementary classroom as the gunman continued firing, brutally killing 21 students and teachers on May 24.

The video, which was published by the Austin American-Statesman newspaper on Tuesday, shows responding officers approaching the door of the classroom within minutes of the shooter entering yet retreating after the gunman opened fire at them. The hallway became more and more jammed with officers from various agencies, and after more than an hour the shooter fled. However, law enforcement broke through and shot the gunman dead.

Read the whole CNN report.

Look at the cops with guns standing by while kids are dying. Although I’m a person who gives cops the benefit of doubt, this atrocity is not justified. It is beyond my comprehension.

But then I didn’t understand why so many Catholic men, especially brothers and uncles, stood aside while the pederast priests molest their sons. They didn’t beat those priests to death. Why don’t they allow that and cover up priests? Evidently, I hold a more harsh view on child protection than others. In the Uvalde massacre, we had schoolchildren who were killed, but all of those heavily armed, strong-manning police officers held their ground. Why? Is it possible to explain this? I get being afraid. But, there were still children who died! It was possible to hear their screams.

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Because I was watching this video, it struck me that this could be a metaphor for the country and civilization we live in now. It is clear that things are falling apart and the children who have been groomed to kill their minds and bodies can be seen. Yet, no one does any meaningful action. Viktor Orban is the only politician from West that takes bold action to prevent this infection in his country’s children. Some American GOP leaders like Governor. Ron DeSantis is pushing back, but it will take a lot of anger from moms and fathers to make these corrupt leaders accountable and bring them down. I have mentioned that some states allow teenagers to use cross-sex hormones without consent.

If we weren’t a demoralized nation, mass protests would take place in the streets and politicians, school board members and activists behind the evil would retreat quickly. We aren’t that nation. While most of us are in our own country, evil people commit unspeakable acts to our children.

Yesterday, an insane Berkeley law professor called Sen. Hawley crazy for asking her whether she meant “birth-givers”, or whatever Orwellian term she used. She claimed that he was driving transgender individuals to commit suicide by asking this question. They are creating a world where we won’t be allowed to ask them anything. You must submit. This is what the immigrants who fled communism to America understood many years ago. They explain it all in Live Not By Lies. It was a hope that Americans would fight the madness and bring it down to the margins. Texas is a small town, and it’s hard to get law enforcement officers there. We don’t know where we are going to go from here.

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I am with Andrew T. Walker.

More and more, I see unvarnished moral madness coming from the mainstream Left and it concerns me that the moral universes we occupy have so little in common except for an appreciation for oxygen that lets us both breathe. It is impossible to build a country around these moral divides.

— Andrew T. Walker (@andrewtwalk) July 13, 2022

CPCs are there to help pregnant women get the support they need and to connect them with support networks. This ghoul Liz Warren, whom I thought might be a great president based on her economic priorities, would prefer these women get no help so that they can abort their unborn babies. Although it hurts to think about this, I find it increasingly difficult to imagine how people live with those who hold the same beliefs as they and inflict these things on others. If you have ignored my suggestions in the past to watch the first episode of the 1980s-era British documentary series about the Spanish Civil War, now is the time to do it. This episode focuses on the origins of the conflict. This episode is very similar to the current US situation. It is not clear how it will be overcome, but it seems that not speaking up about it only makes things worse.

The Uvalde police officers can be considered a symbol for the ruling class that has driven us to such deep sand. In the UK right now, the Tory Party has been in power for 12 years, in part because the opposition was so terrible, but they don’t have much to show for it. It is causing my British Conservative friends to feel very down. They believe that the Tories are losing their chance and lack visionary leaders.

The US is going to experience a huge GOP wave in the fall owing to inflation and gas crises and Jimmy Carter 2.0, our senile president. He can be covered up by the media for only so long. Imagine that Donald Trump sent oil from America to China during an energy crisis. This was through Jared Kushner’s company. It would have been impossible to hear the final word, which we shouldn’t have. But crackhead Hunter Biden is golden. To protect Trump’s return, the media will not speak out about it. We don’t require another old man to be president. I wish that we wouldn’t have worry about Trump’s return. Trump-like sensibilities are needed, yet someone who is young, energetic, and focused enough to take on the top elites in universities and the Deep State as well as woke capitalist entities and entities. It is impossible to avoid the consequences.

One small example: the website Do No Harm, which represents a coalition of doctors and medical professionals who are fighting the ideological takeover of medicine by woke ideology, just released this letter from a medical student. Excerpts:

I am currently a medical student in what is widely considered an elite academic institution. In my quest to gain a better understanding of science and the way that the world works, I applied for medical school. The inextricable link to academia means that the Medical field is propagating pseudoscientific ideologies and rationalizing them. The Hippocratic Oath is being superseded by it.

This has been more apparent since my time in medical school. I received a lot of critical race theory talk points right away. The goal of the intellectual scavenger hunt is to identify racism as the central factor behind all medical, scientific and clinical discovery. Critical theory workshops were facilitated by professors where students had to consider the intersectional immutable attributes of their lives, implicitly identifying them as oppressed or an oppressor in different dimensions. Many propagandistic, self-flagellating lectures about unconscious bias and systemic racism were also required.


Equally worrying, time spent on these topics takes away from time required to discuss medical concepts. According to my estimates, lectures about pronouns or left-wing politics have consumed more time than those on kidney disease. I expect to have better knowledge of the process by which women become pregnant, compared with how they get pregnant at this rate.

This ideological rip-current is not only creating the crisis of public trust in scientific and medical institutions but also breeds partisan malcontent, and degrades debate between students and faculty. Why is this possible for medical students? These propositions are not necessarily universally accepted by all medical students. I have found that a majority of medical students do not agree with any of the objectives. These ideas are illogical for many students. They realize how much time they waste on political nonsense and that it is academic suicide to speak up.

More strikingly however is the fact that many students don’t recognize the seriousness of these problems on a social level. Willfully unaware of the potential social and collateral harms that could result from the utopian vision of wakeism (including a new age racial discrimination, authoritarianism) they are simply ignorant.

They are trying to destroy medicine in order to promote woke politics Medicine! Yesterday, a physician friend, commenting on the decline of medical education in the age of wokeness, wrote me to say, sarcastically, “I advise not getting sick ten years from now.” People are going to be suffering and dying from this Medical Lysenkoism, but the authorities in charge of the medical field are standing around the hallway like fat Texas cops, afraid to take on the insane militants.

And so it goes. Last night, the visiting US professor I met with told me that academia was becoming almost impossible for unwoke professors. He also gave details on how Jacobins in American universities routinely exclude anyone who challenges their ideologies. He told me that it was too hard to be honest in journalism in so many outlets. Don’t know if you saw it, but here is the “Fact Checker” columnist at the Washington Post (“Democracy Dies In Darkness”), explaining why Joe Biden’s claim that a 10-year-old in Ohio was denied the opportunity to abort her rapist’s baby is not true — but is still a “fact”:

This is an extremely difficult story to verify. Bernard has been confirmed, however it is difficult to obtain documents or any other proof without specifics that could identify where the rape took place.

With news coverage from all over the world and a Presidential imprimatur, this story is now considered a fact, regardless of its origin. The fact that a rapist was ever arrested would be more solid.

While there isn’t any proof it is true it is still “fact” according to Washington Post. Joe Biden stated it and other media outlets repeated it. This is what Stephen Colbert used to call “truthiness”. He’s now all for defending the Regime.

I know of examples where newsrooms are so ideologically monocultured that people in them can’t see the real world because they are cognitively and epistemically blind. Glenn Greenwald shared an interesting story earlier in the week. This is how it starts:

There’s close to zero discussion on the mainstream liberal-left about foreign policy, US Security State, NATO, imperialism: just doesn’t exist. Because the Dem Party has unified behind US militarism, there is nothing they can say.

The only dissent comes from the right:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 12, 2022

Every time the US pledges to go to war for some new foreign country (NATO), the consequences are gigantic. It is worth asking Americans if it makes sense to send American children into such conflicts. It’s considered treason or a Russian assertion, and it is even questioned.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 12, 2022

This is how an entire new generation of American liberals are trained to speak whenever anyone questions US foreign policy, hegemony, imperialism, NATO expansion, etc. This is why left-liberal media rarely even discuss the CIA or NATO.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 12, 2022

I’ve seen a lot US media coverage about the war but not all of it. However, I can say that I’ve had more challenging and questioning conversations with Budapest taxi drivers about the Ukraine conflict than what I saw in mainstream American media. I’m serious. You are no better off than an average Russian if you get all your information from American media. Yesterday, it was announced that the US is giving $1.7 billion more in aid to Ukraine, bringing the total aid package so far to $4 billion. The new aid appears to be mostly or completely humanitarian. But are there any real discussions as to whether it’s wise to continue funding the conflict? As winter approaches, western Europe is facing a catastrophe. The Russians may cut off gas supplies. It is not an exaggeration to say that the entire German industrial economy faces potential collapse — and if Germany goes, so does the rest of Europe. This is because the European ruling classes chose to place its people at risk to protest Putin’s policies.

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I could go on forever about all this, but the point is clear. Uvalde is a point of inflexion. It seems so outlandish, it represents a society that abandoned fighting for their future. An angry father is trying to defend his children and other members of his community from pornographic materials in school libraries. But he’s stopped by Uvalde Cops ™, a local school board in Clay County, Florida. They, according to the chief of the board, want to safeguard the community against the filth they plan to display to schoolchildren in the name Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Thank God for outlets such as Libs Of TikTok that expose the real Clown World. They seem to believe their job is to preserve the Narrative, not the truth without fear and favor.

UNREAL. A dad says he’s gonna read from graphic books available to children in school and gets shut down by @oneclayschools board before he even starts because it might be against the law to read from these books in front of children.

These books can be found in schools libraries.

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) July 12, 2022

Whose interest does this system serve? It is unacceptable. How long will it continue to be acceptable for ordinary citizens to accept this culture of death and suffering?

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