Univision drops some hilarious taco memes on Jill Biden

It is Tuesday, and Jill Biden appears to be in a taco mess. She made offensive and embarrassing comments at San Antonio’s UnidosUS Conference about Hispanics.

We noticed that she went to “LatinX Inclusion” luncheon and said “bogidas”, rather than “bodegas” in her uniqueness.

That didn’t go down well. Hispanic journalists attacked her saying that they weren’t “breakfast tacos.” Later, some Hispanic politicians including Senator Ted Cruz (R.TX), Rep. Mayra Fernes (R.TX), and Sen. Marco Rubio, (R.FL), had a bit of fun with her. Rubio uploaded a photo of himself eating a taco.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (Republican from California) — who is most likely to succeed Nancy Pelosi (D.CA) as House Speaker in the following term — received a tremendous response. He commented on “taco inflation.”

Jill Biden finally received enough attention to have her office issue an apology. It was not a personal apology, but it did make sense since she wasn’t the one who made it.

Univision has the most hilarious memes about tacos that Biden can drop, and a great report on the controversy.

GAME OVER, PART DOS: Univision even reported the #Tacogate memes pic.twitter.com/zLtwhBfNCC

— Jorge Bonilla (@BonillaJL) July 12, 2022

This full Univision report on #Tacogate warrants attention. 1. The memes were the catalyst. 2. Video of all gaffes Complete NAHJ statement Ties-ins for the AMLO and midterms. #WeAreNotTacos pic.twitter.com/xwGlDsK8s0

— Jorge Bonilla (@BonillaJL) July 12, 2022

Univision observes also that this happens at a moment when the midterms approach — which means this isn’t going to benefit Democrats — an excellent point to make.

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The White House made a big mistake when it falsified their official transcript of remarks.

A Washington Post reporter said it was “worth noting,” that Jill Biden’s “taco gaffe” came before her speech. “Her entire speech was read out and approved by White House offices for intergovernmental affairs and legislative affairs and public liaison .”

Worth noting that before Jill Biden made her taco gaffe, her entire speech was read and signed off on by the White House offices of intergovernmental affairs, legislative affairs and public liaison.https://t.co/6U46n74fes

— Ashley Parker (@AshleyRParker) July 12, 2022

Seriously? Is it really fair to compare people with tacos? This kind of ignorant paterning shows that they aren’t very knowledgeable about Hispanics and people generally.

People like to see results and not be manipulated. People across all walks of life are realizing that the Biden Administration isn’t getting it on a variety of issues, including inflation. This is one reason why many Hispanics are pointing their fingers at Democrats at this stage.

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