LeBron James Discovers A New Way To Criticize America, But Remain Quiet about China

LeBron James has once again criticised the United States of America. Brittney Griner, WNBA player, was detained again in Russia in February when vape cartridges containing cannabis oil found in her luggage led to the fact that she is still in Russia.

On the most recent tapings of “The Shop”, James stated that if he was in Griner’s position, he would consider returning to America.

“How can she believe that America is her friend? It would make me feel like I don’t want to return to America. ‘”

It appears that James doesn’t think the United States has done enough to return Griner home. However, Griner broke the law in Russia.

It’s important to note that Vice President Harris and President Biden spoke with Griner’s spouse, Charelle. Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, has communicated with Griner and his family.

Griner recently admitted to drug possession in Russia. It is not clear if Griner will stay in Russia to serve her sentence or whether the Biden administration can get her back home. Griner has not been sentenced yet, but she could face 10 years in prison.

In 2017,, there was an identical situation in China. Three UCLA students were caught shoplifting. Jalen Hill, Cody Riley and LiAngelo ball were alleged to have stolen sunglasses from Louis Vuitton. Former President Donald Trump worked with the President of China, Xi Jinping, to have the UCLA athletes return to the United States.

It is still to be determined if the Biden Administration will be able negotiate with Putin, Russian Government Officials and return Griner back to America.

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While all this is going on LeBron discovered a new method to critique America. LeBron was able to make a fortune in America. This is the same America that gave LeBron the chance to earn millions through the NBA. He also earned millions via sponsorship from Nike. And all the negative remarks about America we hear are from LeBron.

LeBron is open to criticism of the country which allows him freedom from totalitarian states like China. He seems to have a say about everything, whether it’s a horrible mass shooting, politicians, legislation, the police, and protests, but not the riots, not the death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming that took place in LeBron’s “I Promise School” in Akron, Ohio, and of course, no comment about China and the forced labor in Xinjiang.

James chooses to talk too much about what to say and keep quiet. He needs to be consistent. He should talk about the horrific mass shooting at his Akron school. If he does not, it is obvious that he’s a hypocrite. America allows him to choose the topics he wants to speak about. This is unlike other countries, which prohibit criticism of the government and the country.

But James’s statement that he would ask Griner if he was in his shoes is an insult to the veterans and heroes who died in combat and the soldiers right now. They have allowed James to have as much success as possible and given him the platform to express himself. James wouldn’t have the same freedoms or opportunities in China and Russia. He would be restricted from speaking, criticizing, or expressing himself freely. LeBron James, as it is often called, is a hypocrite.

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