House Republicans Invite Jordan Peterson to Speak at Weekly Lunch

House Republicans Invite Jordan Peterson to Speak at Weekly Lunch

Canadian bestseller and psychologist, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson addressed the Republican Study Committee at lunch Wednesday.

Peterson spoke at the House Republicans group, on the invitation by Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw appeared on Peterson’s podcast in early January, where the two discussed foreign policy.

I’m trying to formulate a positive conservative messaging,” Peterson said after the lunch. It’s risky in this age of politics being tit for tat. It’s easy to recoil into a kind of resentment, especially in relationship to the radicals on the left and to just be tossing increasingly barbed insults back and forth.”

Jordan Peterson spoke to the Republican Study Committee today

— Emily Brooks (@emilybrooksnews) July 13, 2022

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, spoke highly of the speech.

” We discussed the culture war in a philosophical and academic perspective,” Banks said to The Hill. “He gave us lots of advice on how to be more articulate and be more effective.” (RELATED: Twitter Suspends Dave Rubin For Commenting On Jordan Peterson’s Ban)

Alabama Rep. Barry Moore called Peterson “brilliant” and praised the talk.

There’s a chance for conservatives and to claim the upper hand. It’s an argument we can win. Moore stated that he believes there is some dignity in the situation and that we have an opportunity to communicate on this.

Peterson had his Twitter account suspended in June after he made a reference to Elliot Page (a prominent transgender actor), who identifies himself as ‘a man’ by Page’s female name.

Remember when pride was considered a sin. Peterson tweeted that Ellen Page had just had her breasts taken by a criminal doctor.

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