Gavin Newsom, Biden Away Heads to Washington For a 4-Day Visit

Wildfires rage; a new variant of coronavirus is on the rise; his state is almost dry, but California Governor. Gavin Newsom (D), is headed to Washington, D.C., to visit President Joe Biden, who is on vacation to the Middle East.

Newsom — whose state kept schools closed for more than a year during the coronavirus pandemic, and whose state ranks #44 in the U.S. in educational outcomes, despite high taxes and lavish spending — will receive an education award for his state.

The Associated Press notes that the award recognizes California for its progress in establishing universal pre-K by 2025. The Associated Press adds, however that Newsom may be preparing to run for president as Democrats attempt to get rid of Biden.

Newsom will attack Republican states that have socially conservative policies. The AP points out that Newsom will likely be asked about his track record in addressing a range of pressing issues facing voters in his state as he goes along.

Last month, legislators with Newsom’s support agreed to place a proposal before voters in November that would guarantee a right to an abortion in the state constitution. Although the state is heavily Democratic, it has the strictest gun safety laws in the country. However, Newsom’s support has allowed them to continue expanding these laws after the Supreme Court decision. This includes new restrictions on “ghost guns”, which are not traceable and the marketing of firearms to minors.

California residents face a chronic homeless crisis, rising gas prices, and increasing crime rates in large cities. Many working-class families cannot afford housing costs, while the state is subject to some of the highest taxes in the country.

A Public Policy Institute of California survey in May found that 50% of respondents believed the state was headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps the most striking thing about California is its declining population and loss of a congressional seat. This comes after decades of high-speed growth.

While Newsom regards California as the “blue state’ model for governance regarding social issues, governors from “red states” have cited California as an example in failed governance with respect to key economic issues.

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Newsom also has faced hypocrisy questions: His last outing to the state was for a family vacation to Montana. California, which has laws protecting biological men’s sports from women’s sport, has now banned state-sponsored travel.

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