FACTCHECK: Was Sylvester Stallone in this Anti-Biden shirt?

A photo shared on Facebook shows Sylvester Stallone in an anti-President Joe Biden T-shirt.

Facebook/ScreenshotVerdict: False

The image is digitally altered. In the original, Stallone was wearing a simple blue T-shirt.

Fact Check:

Stallone has received three career Academy Award nominations over the course of his 50-year film career, according to IMDb. His latest movie, “Samaritan,” is set for an August 27 release through Amazon Prime Video, according to Yahoo! Movies.

An image shared on Facebook shows Stallone wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “FU 46” on it, seemingly in reference to Biden, the 46th president. (RELATED : Joe Biden Announces That All Americans will Receive “Gas Checks” )

The photo is digitally altered. The original image can be found on the actor’s Instagram account in a July 2021 post that shows him standing next to his daughters while wearing an unadorned blue t-shirt. Notably, there is no “FU 46” design on the shirt.

Stallone has not made any comments regarding Biden on any of his social media posts or on his official website. There are no news reports suggesting the actor has recently criticized Biden or made any comment regarding politics in general.

Stallone’s spokesperson rebuffed reports in April 2021 that the actor became a member of Florida’s Mar-a-Lago club, which is owned by former President Donald Trump, according to The Hill. The actor previously called Trump a “great Dickensian character,” according to a 2016 article from Variety.

This isn’t the first time Stallone was the subject of photoshopped images. Check Your Fact has previously discredited images showing Stallone wearing anti-Biden and pro-Trump shirts.

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