Exercisive emails help to further cast doubt on Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony

If Cassidy Hutchinson, Jan.6 Committee witness, listened during her testimony — which many didn’t because the Committee doesn’t get many viewers — she would have told a wonderful story about Donald Trump lunging at a Secret Service agent, and then grabbing The Beast’s steering wheel. Amazing feats for an 70 man, capable of leaping tall Secret Service agents in one bound.

But then Hutchinson’s testimony was quashed by reports from Secret Service agents that she told her story. Other parts of Hutchinson’s story were also questioned.

As we reported, she had also called the Jan.6 Committee “B.S .”


So, what could have triggered the change?

Now emails received by Daily Caller could give some clues.

After being subpoenaed to speak by the Committee, she reached out to the Trump team February 4, asking for legal and financial help. She stated that she was “primarily looking financial assistance” because she was “in a financial bind .”

” I was served with a subpoena by the 1/6 Committee November 9 2020 [sic ] but it was not officially served until Wednesday January 26, 2021 “I’ve struggled to secure a legal team and I was hoping that you could put me in touch with any fundraising organisations and/or lawyers involved in this process,” Hutchinson wrote in an email to the ex-Trump senior official.

” My aunt and uncle asked to refinance my house in order to make some extra money, since they don’t have any immediate relatives. But Hutchinson stated that the request was not approved.

The former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows did not return calls from her because he didn’t want to give the impression of having improperly influence her testimony ,

“Cassidy Hutchinson reached to many people in Trump World asking for financial help and assistance finding a lawyer. We were told by her that she was experiencing severe financial difficulties, didn’t have any family members who could assist and couldn’t afford to eat. Mark Meadows didn’t answer her calls, she also said. We know that she had spoken with several lawyers before choosing Stefan Passantino as her representative,” an individual with direct knowledge informed the Daily Caller.

The person who first-hand knew also stated that Trump officials were supportive of her because she was young and unemployed. She said Trump’s PAC had agreed to provide financial assistance and suggested lawyers for her to interview. According to the person, Hutchinson also made disparaging remarks about Jan. 6, committee to several people within Trump World.

So how upset is she at Trump’s actions, if calling the Committee B.S. Nevertheless, she continues to seek out the Trump team’s financial and legal assistance. This is not her story.

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Further it begs the question: How desperate was she for money?

There’s more. An ex-Trump adviser claimed that none of the conversations she claimed to have had with Kevin McCarthy (House Minority Leader), former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone actually took place.

“She had terrible financial health. Because of her resume that didn’t include the Trump White House victory, she had no job prospects. The Caller was told by another Trump official that she was “desperate”.

” “Every conversation she described with people from McCarthy, Ratcliffe, and Cipollone never took place,” said the official.

She had also been supposed to work in Palm Beach as a Trump associate. After Jan. 6, this was. According to an ex-Trump official, she continued to work for Trump’s team.

“She said it sounded like she was telling Meadows what to do. It was like “What? “I was there. But here’s what I know: She was supposed to get a job at Palm Beach,” said the ex-Trump official.

” All I know. It was a joy for her to be down there. Thrilled. Thrilled. This is after January 20!” the former official continued.

” I was in D.C. when she met me and was upset because she had been told that she could not go to Palm Beach. She was informed that she could not be trusted, she is a leaker, and her honesty and other things were all questioned by others. And I will tell you, that was coming from all her contemporaries.”

Hutchinson allegedly then told the ex-high ranking Trump official that she only wanted to make sure Trump doesn’t think that she is who she claimed she was.

” It was really sad for me. She (Hutchinson), at that moment, only cared about making sure that President Trump didn’t believe she was the person she claimed to be.

She was offended at Trump’s Jan. 6 actions that she decided to work with him. However, she was then upset that people doubted her authenticity. It sounds like these people were correct. Maybe that’s why her head suddenly turned.

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