Dashboard video IDs teen in squeegee workers shooting

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police have identified a 15-year-old boy seen in a dashboard video as a person of interest in last week’s deadly encounter between a motorist and people cleaning windshields for cash at a downtown Baltimore intersection.

The Baltimore Sun reported that a dashboard camera footage of the shooting last Thursday shows what looks to be Timothy Reynolds’ teen shoot five times. The Baltimore Banner first published the contents of this video.

Baltimore A spokesperson for Lindsey Eldridge, the police said that detectives were “still following active leads” and that the investigation was ongoing. Eldridge did not comment on the search for the individual of interest.

Reynolds,48, of Baltimore, was driving through an intersection near the city’s Inner Harbor when he had a heated interaction with so-called squeegee workers, parked his car and came back with a baseball bat, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said earlier this week.

He “wat the bat at one of those squeegee employees.” Harrison claims that Reynolds was struck by the gunfire from one of the squeegee employees in return.

When the video begins, Reynolds was already out of his car and had a baseball bat in hand. He walked along Light Street to confront the workers.

He is seen leaving the intersection and walking back towards his car as three squeegee employees follow. But another vehicle blocks their view as they approach him. They turn around and run, Reynolds grabbing the bat in his hand. He swings his bat towards one worker, and another throws what appears like a rock from his back at him. Video shows Reynolds being hit by the rock and it bouncing off.

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Reynolds still holds his bat and turns when another squeegee worker grabs a gun and fires. He begins to fall after the first shot seems to have hit him in his side. Reynolds is hit four times more by the shooter as he begins to walk away.

The workers (also known as the squeegee children) are mostly teens from low income neighborhoods. They clean cars’ windshields at intersections for cash.

City officials stated that there will be an increase in police patrols at the intersections where workers are most frequented.

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