California’s new law permits civil lawsuits against gun makers

A bill from California was signed Tuesday allowing residents to sue gun manufacturers who are involved in criminal acts.

A 2005 Federal law protects gun makers from civil lawsuits if their products are used for crimes. Office of Governor Gavin Newsom stated that the state law is an exception to federal law, which allows sellers and firearms manufacturers to be sued for breaking state laws regarding the sale or marketing guns.

” California is standing with the families of victims of gun violence. In a press release, Mr. Newsom stated that the gun industry cannot hide the terrible harm they cause. Gun makers should be held responsible for the violence in our streets. Our children, their families, and communities deserve safe and peaceful streets. Nearly all industries are liable for injuries or deaths caused by their products. Guns should not be any different .”

California seems to have taken its cue from the families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

CNN reported that the Connecticut Supreme Court allowed the families to sue Remington Arms Co. in November 2019 on the grounds that the manufacturer’s marketing strategy for the AR-15-style rifle used in the killings sold its image as a militaristic combat weapon.

According to the network, this violated Connecticut’s law prohibiting deceptive marketing practices.

In February, The New York Times reported nine victims of the shooting had settled for $73 one million with Remington.

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