“Brian Williams meets Jussie Stmollett”: Fox News contributor Lambastes Biden over “Tall Tale After Tall Tale”

A Fox News contributor criticized President Joe Biden for telling “tall tales after tall stories” during Fox News’ Tuesday night broadcast.

“This is a man who’s profoundly below the average student. He was also a serial plagiarism all the way through law school. (RELATED: Despite Denials, Joe Biden Was Involved With Hunter’s International Wheeling And Dealing)


Williams was fired as anchor of “NBC Nightly News” and relegated to a late-night show on MSNBC after an investigation determined he fabricated war stories. In 2021. Williams quit MSNBC.

Smollett said he was assaulted by two men using homophobic and racial slurs. However, police found that the attack was staged. Smollett was convicted by a jury in December 2021. of five felonies. “If the president were truly in control, at least one of these people would have been gone given their performances, right?” Concha was asked, after listing several top-ranking Biden administration officials. The Daily Caller News Foundation did not respond immediately to Concha’s request for comment.

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