Bad Will Hunting

Hunter is not important to anyone. They are concerned about Hunter’s dad.

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The antics are almost unbelievable. This is what I think is good news for Democrats. The luridity makes it easier to do their jobs. The laptop of Hunter Biden, with all its dreary decadence and data was first. Now there’s apparently Hunter Biden’s cell phone cloud storage.

The guy appears to enjoy recording his own voice. Exhibits Hunter is seen naked and with a prostitute. Hunter seems to be naked and with several prostitutes. Hunter seems to be naive and using crack cocaine. Hunter seems to be completely naked when he is using crack cocaine or prostitutes. Hunter appears to be naked quite a bit. Unfortunately, not all pixelation jobs are created equally. This is the glamorous stuff. There is also financial fraud and family dysfunction. Hunter is accused of receiving money from Ukrainians. Hunter is alleged to have received money from the Chinese. Hunter is accused of giving his father money. It’s hard to keep up with it all.

Hunter might not be the problem because no one cares. They are concerned about Hunter’s dad. It seems that the Democrats want to make Joe Biden leave and let him be the scapegoat for the failures of their policies.

Last time the world got an inside glimpse into Hunter Biden’s personal and professional life in the now-infamous laptop (salute to the New York Post), it was all hands on deck for Democrats, from Twitter to elected officials, in a bid to shut the story down and control the narrative. The thing was, it worked. It worked. You wouldn’t want to help spread disinformation would you? You might find it in Russia.

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Inflation numbers are high, approval numbers low. This is further proof of Biden decadence. Prestige media mostly ignores? Sure. It is possible. But, there are no full-court media to oppose it or kick publications and people off social networks. It was possible to win an election in the past; it is not possible to win one now. Different circumstances require different strategies. So someone as soporific as Michelle Goldberg can write “Joe Biden is Too Old to be President Again” for the New York Times. After all, as a New York Times/Siena College poll just released found, 64 percent of Democrats want someone else for 2024. Safe move: While Democratic policies might make you and your family more vulnerable, the party will always encourage Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. to not run for reelection. His purpose was fulfilled.

Joe seems to have fulfilled his mission and is now left to his own devices. Any further revelations about Joe Biden’s family will be dismissed by them as being unique, much like the Kennedys and Clintons. This will be a Delaware issue, and not a Democrat one. Liberals will find the sheer size of the problem, Hunter’s inexplicable compulsion to keep a log of all his mistakes, very useful. This is all very sad, strange and large. It distracts attention from the fact it’s only a small amount. Hunter Biden’s decadence is, at the end of it all, just another example of American decadence. Jeffrey Epstein has never sent any of his passengers to prison.

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Hunter only committed sins in boldness, and getting caught. The use of hard drugs is not a big deal. The rich and famous expect us to sharpen or blunt the edges of our lives with the help of illegal aids. You don’t believe all the mortgages in Loudoun County were worth their productivity because of nepotistic deals for money. Contractors, consultants, congratulations–taxpayer dollars, when you pass this hat around you get to take some out.

But is that not shocking about the hookers? No. No. Hunter Biden’s shocking truth isn’t what he has gotten away from, but how much he can afford and the connections he has. He seems to not have even tried. He is known for smoking crack and transporting prostitutes between states. A son of the U.S. President should run his own cartel and create a jungle kingdom, build giant robots, or clone ancient birds.

The Democrats may not be very imaginative, but the American people aren’t either. Biden declares that he’s too old for a second term and that the press will tell us that his entire administration is in good shape, so there’s a possibility it might work. It shouldn’t. Joe Biden was a worn-out skinsuit throughout his career, worn by factions who will not let him go just because he’s no longer their leather choice. While his failures may be theirs, they also belong to them. Even if he is three years late, he will not change anything that matters.

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