Trump wanted Sidney Powell to be the White House Special Counsel to seize voter machines


Trump’s plan to appoint Sidney Powell, a conservative lawyer to investigate voter fraud during the 2020 election resulted in an ugly screaming match between Trump loyalists. Witnesses told the Jan.6 committee that witnesses said on Tuesday.

An ex-White House counsel Pat Cipollone testified in video that he opposed the appointment of Ms. Powell to any White House position.

The committee presented a draft of a presidential order to Pentagon during its Tuesday hearing. This document would have instructed the Defense Secretary that the federal government seize voting machines, and Ms. Powell to lead this effort.

“In accordance with this order, Trump would appoint a Special Counsel with the power of seizing machines and charging people with criminal offenses with all the resources she has,” stated Rep. Jamie Raskin (Maryland Democrat), who halted the order.

Ms. Powell is one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters in spreading his false allegations of election fraud in the 2020 election.

Mr. Cipollone was particularly vocal about his opposition to Donald Trump’s plans to seize voting machines in the United States.

“That is not the way we do things here in America,” Mr. Cipollone stated. It’s terrible that the federal government could come in and take election machines. It is a horrible idea .”

Ms. Powell repeatedly claimed that China and Venezuela conspired to steal the U.S. presidency election for President Biden.

The issue reached its peak in marathon White House meetings on December. 18, 2020. One side supported Mr. Trump’s claim of election fraud was Ms. Powell (retired Gen. Michael Flynn), Rudolph W. Giuliani, and Patrick Byrne, former Overstock CEO. Other White House staffers were on the opposing side, including Eric Herschmann (White House lawyer) and Mr. Cipollone (retired Gen. Michael Flynn).

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The debate went on for six hours according to witnesses. It included exaggerations and even near-physical confrontations.

The White House’s aides were accused by the president and his followers of being weak. Mr. Giuliani stated that they had been called “a bunch of psies .”

” by the President.

Mr. Raskin described it as a “heated, profane clash .”

Ms. Powell believed she had been granted her presidential appointment at the end of their meeting. Ms. Powell thought she had been granted her presidential appointment, but Mr. Cipollone and other White House advisors insisted that they would not allow this to happen.

Ms. Powell stated that if she was president, she would order them all to fire the night before and have them all escorted from the building .”


Shortly after the meeting ended, Donald Trump took to Twitter to summon his supporters to Washington Jan. 6 in protest at the election results. Trump promised that the meeting would be “wild .”


Committee Members stated that the tweet caused Trump supporters to attack the Capitol Jan. 6, intent on using violence to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the 2016 presidential election.

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