Republican Operative Projects Donald Trump to Announce Run for President Early in Order To Prevent A DeSantis Run In 2024

Scott Jennings, a Republican consultant and contributor to

CNN, predicts that ex-President Donald Trump will make an announcement about a presidential bid in order to stop Ron DeSantis running for Florida governor in 2024.

Jennings noted that DeSantis is popular with conservatives in the United States, and that he has the potential to be a Trump-like character without all the baggage. Jennings said : HTML3_

“I definitely think there are a lot of Republicans out there who voted for Donald Trump twice, maybe gave him money, wanted to see him succeed who know we cannot drag the country and the party through this again in 2024, that he’s the least likely Republican to have a chance to win the White House … And they see someone like Desantis who gives you all of the fight and all of the policy without all the baggage and worse that came with Jan. 6 that Donald Trump will bring.”

Kasie Hunt,

CNN’s host, asked Jennings whether notable Republicans would vote for DeSantis even though it might anger Trump. Jennings said : “We will see” and added that DeSantis is “more viable” than Trump to win both the GOP primary as well as the general election.

“I think there are other people, Tim Scott I’m very fond of, as well and Nikki Haley and others … There’s a big field and any of them would be a better choice.”

Although conservatives and Republicans may differ, Jennings is correct. Several people have stated publicly that they voted for Joe Biden in 2020, but if DeSantis runs in 2024, he will have their vote. These are the people that the GOP must win to be victorious in the general elections.

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Elon Musk also contributed to the conversation:

Trump would be 82 at end of term, which is too old to be chief executive of anything, let alone the United States of America.

If DeSantis is running against Biden in 2024,, then DeSantis can easily win. He doesn’t even have to campaign.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 12, 2022

Jennings pointed out that many Republicans believe that Trump must be defeated in order for Republicans to take control of the White House. Trump is well aware of this, he stated.

“I believe that’s why Donald Trump considers launching his reelection campaign now, because that fire is beginning to grow a bit and he wants to put it out

The GOP looks to appeal to Hispanic voters in order to retake both the Senate and House of Representatives. It is expected that Trump and Nikki Haley, the former United States Ambassador at the United Nations, will make a 2024 presidential bid after the midterms. Although it is not clear if DeSantis will run as President, all indications point to his having lots of support from both the GOP and other independents, and also GOP donors.

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